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Mark Warner Ski Holidays - Any fans or comments?

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smilesandsun Sun 15-Jul-12 19:55:48


I'm looking for a ski break next year for our family and the kids both love skiing (though only 4 and 7 atm) They have been and skied the last two seasons, first time in a private chalet and second time with club med. Club Med was fantastic, for both value and quality lessons. I was wondering what Mark Warner is like as it might be good the the children to have more English speaking children in their groups.


DolomitesDonkey Sun 09-Sep-12 16:03:16

Did mw st. Anton. 100% British.

hatsybatsy Wed 26-Sep-12 11:24:16

did mw deux alpes - childcare is impeccable and there were kids of all levels so they were all in the right level of class but just with other kids form mw.

everyone was British.

ethos is pretty relaxed - salopettes for breakfast and jeans for dinner.

kids loved it - made some really good friends.

prices in school holidays are sky high though- we did well last year as our half term wasn't the same as the main one - but this year the price will be too much for us :-(

slalomsuki Wed 26-Sep-12 11:32:26

Done Mark Warner and Esprit and to be honest I found that Esprit were better for children of that age. They take them too and from the slopes supervised, chalets were closer to the slopes and the food was better.

I found the larger chalet hotel with Mark Warner was too impersonal and the staff were not really bothered with kids at breakfast ie they served bacon for a 1 year old and said tough if the parents complained. Esprit were more accommodating and flexible and more friendly.

hatsybatsy Fri 28-Sep-12 16:47:26

slalom guess it depends on the resort? MW Deux Alpes was 200m from lifts and ski school - and the Nannies took the kids to and from the lessons each day. For the little ones, they took all the skis on the sledge - so I cannot fault that.

One main reason that we chose MW and not Esprit last year was that Esprit have the 4-5 year olds ski in the afternoon unlike all the other kids - so we'd never have had any family swim/ski time as one of the kids would always have been in lessons?

What MW definitely is not is a cosy chalet holiday - it's a very relaxed hotel holiday - it suited us well. But this year costs are pushing us to explore other options....

toomuchcoffeetoomuchwine Thu 04-Oct-12 00:34:35

We did MW 2 years back - Chalethotel Le Val D'Isere. Child care for 1yo faultless but hotel was a bit shabby & pool cold. Food nice though. We booked their cheapest week (2,200 gbp ish if memory serves). For that cost it was ok, but if I'd booked a peak week for £4k ish I'd have been livid.

newgirl Tue 08-Jan-13 19:45:18

Love them - been to a few mw hotels and had great holidays. Would book again but too pricey for us this year sad

Wifepot Mon 04-Feb-13 12:48:40

try they are a private family run chalet who have onsite babysitters, creche and help with pick up drops off to the slopes and will organise ski school. We all had a great time with them.

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