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Children's neck gaiters/muffs?

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Stickyvicky1974 Sun 20-May-12 10:46:46

muddy puddles or try - they have great gear and a sale on.

greygirl Thu 05-Apr-12 18:07:28

i put our kids in adult sized neck gaiters, and we bought some balaclavas in resort 9not cheap though, but they were adult sized as well). maybe my kids have big heads, but they all fit fine.

SkiBumMum Sat 31-Mar-12 19:27:46

We got one v cheaply in resort.

LittleEsmeWeatherwax Sat 17-Mar-12 16:15:48


jicky Sat 17-Mar-12 16:06:31

Muddy puddles do kid sized ones

catsareevil Sat 17-Mar-12 16:03:45

mountain warehouse had childrens ones over the winter.

HerRoyalNotness Sat 17-Mar-12 16:02:57

I got one from jojomaman which had more of a bib to
Keep chest warm. Also very good ones from North 66o I think it's called. An Icelandic brand which were a balaclava style with a good bit of bib

LittleEsmeWeatherwax Sat 17-Mar-12 15:58:43

Am I looking in all the wrong places? Or do they wear adults sized ones?

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