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Skiing for dads!

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mrsmootoo Sun 23-Oct-11 20:16:19

My skiing days are over (tweice was enough) but hubby still v keen to go and wants to take daughter 12 and son 7 with him. Are there any organisations for lone (rather than single!) dads/parents?

jicky Mon 24-Oct-11 14:29:00

Dh took 2 of ours to Morzine once on his own. He just stayed in a catered chalet. Think ours were the only kids, the rest were a mixture of couples, singles skiing with friends etc.

He skied with the boys and one day had a private instructor for the 3 of them.

In the evenings kids went to bed and he socialised with other people in chalet ( but also slept quite a lot as boys wore him out!)

Other friends organise group ski trips for dads and kids among friends.

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