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Hagleitner, Zell am See - can anyone answer my questions?

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marianhalcombe Fri 14-Oct-11 21:52:14

I'd like to ski in Zell am See/Kaprun for the first week of April and was wondering if anyone had been and could answer my questions? smile

It says that the children learn a little skiing in the hotel garden. But in April, surely there won't be any snow at the hotel as it's so low. Do they take the children up the mountain late in the season?

Also, do they take the kids to the ski school and pick them up or do you drop them off.

Their website doesn't give a whole lot of detail about the childcare and skiing arrangements.

Also, how long does it take to get from the hotel up to high skiing (glacier in Kaprun) for adult skiers?

Many thanks!!

greyghoul Tue 18-Oct-11 12:34:39

We went to zell am see many years ago, without kids, but I will endeavour to help.
Zell is lower down and there may not be much snow in april (but there may be!) but the way up the mountain is really via a gondola, so getting the kids up (and back down the same way) won't be an issue. I cannot recall the runs from the top - i think there were some easy blues, and a little further down there is a lovely blue with a chairlift which would be very suited to teaching on. So perhaps they use that.
The village is very pretty, but it is a village, so there will be walking around and ski buses I suspect - take some big ikea blue bags to cart your kids stuff around in.
Whether the kids are transported to ski school will depend on the tour operator/hotel you have booked with - so have a good look at the brochure for clues. If it isn't mentioned I would assume you are doing the taking!
From what I recall Kaprun is further up the valley so it is a bus ride - I suspect 15 minutes or so but we never made it to Kaprun because we had a lot of snow at Zell.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy it, and that someone more knowledgable comes along.

marianhalcombe Tue 18-Oct-11 14:00:44

Thanks a lot Greyghoul smile

orienteerer Wed 19-Oct-11 10:15:54

Phone them and then you'll know for sure, you'll definitely get a fluent English speaker on their reception/booking staff.

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