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Has anyone been skiing in Slovakia?

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franke Sat 25-Jun-11 18:53:16

I'm wondering if it will be a good, cheap option in January.

If you've been would you recommend it for a week's skiing for DH (fairly experienced) and dc (learners)?

WibblingDad Tue 05-Jul-11 10:26:36

I haven't skiied in Slovakia myself but my brother in law lives in Bratislava and they regulalry head to the hills for weekends of skiing. Sounds like facilities are pretty good (although perhaps a bit limited in terms of amount of terrian for stronger skiers).

When we visited Slovakia for a weekend in June (not a ski resort but a lakeside holiday resort) accommmodation, food and drink seemed cracking value compared to the rest of the Eurozone.

franke Tue 05-Jul-11 20:54:11

Thanks WibblingD. I'm torn between Slovenia and Slovakia at the mo. We can drive to either from where we are in Germany.

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