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Children up glaciers?

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BeingHumum Mon 30-May-11 16:35:06

This is not really about skiing but I thought this group were the most likely to have the experience to answer. I am going to Austria in August and DH wants to go up the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier with DS (4.5). I am not a skiier and it looks very high and exposed to me. It's about 3020 feet, anyone taken young kids up this high?

BeingHumum Mon 30-May-11 16:36:32

Not feet sorry, 3020 Meters. Big difference!

LIZS Mon 30-May-11 16:39:33

We have taken ours up that high and some. The main concern is for under 2's and otherwise vulnerable(asthmatics etc). Make sure you wrap up warm as could be chilly as iirc the first part of the trip is by underground funicular and you may experience ear popping as you go up and down so sucking on sweets is a good idea.

BeingHumum Mon 30-May-11 16:42:59

Thanks, I'm not good with heights and have an irrational fear about him finding an edge to fall off. Hopefully it's a wide plateau!

LIZS Mon 30-May-11 16:44:31

Not precipitous iirc

EdithWeston Mon 30-May-11 16:47:02

Coincidentally, this afternoon's James Bond film was shot at Piz Gloria (2970m), where I have taken a 2 year old for lunch. She was fine.

QuintessentialOldMoo Mon 30-May-11 16:47:28

You will sweat a lot when going up. You need to keep moving, and not take many breaks. You need to carry extra clothing, such as down sweater jackets that roll up really small into your backpack, to put on if you stop, or as you get higher up where it is colder and the wind is blowing.
Will your 4.5 year old be able to walk that far?
We were really proud of our 5 year old who walked up to 1000 meters, and down again, on a nice day in July! (beyond the arctic circle)
Are you all really keen mountain trekkers and your child really fit and used to uphill climbs like this?

LIZS Mon 30-May-11 16:50:02

Quint, there are lifts to the summit - funicular/gondola I think. Walking up there is possible but not essential and porbably as hardgoing as you describe.

QuintessentialOldMoo Mon 30-May-11 16:52:48

Ah, lifts!
softies! wink

BeingHumum Mon 30-May-11 22:11:43

Lol Quints we are keen walkers and training him up but not ready for 3000m yet. We'll be on the lifts. I've only ever done Lakes/Scotland, never been to the Alps so am imagining sheer rock faces and vertical drops at every turn, such a wussy worrier blush. Thanks all for making me see sense!

BeingHumum Mon 30-May-11 22:22:52

Edith have just Googled Piz Gloria, how the heck did they build that? Feel a bit dizzy. Actually I think it's me I need to worry about not DS!

RaisinHell Fri 24-Jun-11 00:43:44

BeingHumum, we took our 4 year old up to the top of Saas Fee in the summer, the Allalin at 3500m. We went in the gondola and then the funicular.

He was fine but seemed 'out of sorts' we didn't really realise until we came back down when his mood improved dramatically. He was not himself and was not easily able to explain what was wrong at that age.

I have heard of 7 year olds complaining of a 'headache'. I can identify with this as skiing at the top of the Kleine Matterhorn in Zermatt I feel weird and am desperate to start getting down!!

I would go and try it, it's no big deal as when you come back down they are ok again.

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