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Katschberg, Austria (Hotel Cristallo)

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Maxiebaby Mon 21-Mar-11 10:28:19

Ive seen a few very positive comments on Mumsnet about this resort and hotel.
We are very tempted for next year, as it looks like a fantastic, stress-free set up for DD (7) and DH, both of whom are new to skiing.
However, Ive read there is only one blue and am a little concerned that wont be enough to keep me occupied (havent skied for about 20 years so assume Id feel happiest on blues!).
Can anyone who's been there reassure me that there is (or isnt) enough to keep me busy, and also DH/DD once they progress from the nursery slopes for that matter.
Perhaps there are some gentlish reds if few blues?
Any reassurance much appreciated. I havent found a set up that comes close to this so would really like to put my concerns to bed so that we can book!

Maxiebaby Fri 25-Mar-11 08:37:23


Skifit Mon 28-Mar-11 12:42:26

I personally havnt been there so dont know. It does sound good though and maybe you can progress to red slopes as the week goes on. Some greens can be as hard as blues and some reds are easy. so you will probably find there is enough skiing to get you through week.
Being a total ski fanatic i think anywhere in the Alps, skiing, soaking in the Alpine sunshine etc is a must. Plus the Cristallo sounds perfect for your children with ski school and being a hotel plenty of space to romp around in.

JustAnother Mon 01-Aug-11 17:38:27

I was there last year and it was absolutely great! Unfortunately, I went to book again for this year (1/2 term) and it was already fully booked.

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