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Les Gets - chalet & ski lift questions

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doozle Mon 17-Jan-11 13:41:12

I'm thinking of booking Chalet Marjorie with Ski Famille in Les Gets.

Ski Famille say it's a 5 min walk to the Mont Chery lift.

But when I looked at the map, that lift serves main mainly black and red runs which isn't great for us.

Was wondering how much of a trek by foot is it to the other lifts (Chavannes areas)?

Can anyone help?


snowmummy Mon 17-Jan-11 17:22:39

I love the Mont Chery side of Les Gets but that doesn't help you much. As I remember its not a long walk to the other side (but we didn't have children then), and there is a petit train that runs, free of charge, between the 2 sides.

Perhaps someone who knows Chalet Marjorie will be along soon.

doozle Mon 17-Jan-11 18:17:55

Thanks Snowmummy.

Do you like Les Gets generally as a resort?

I'm looking for somewhere that has stuff for non-skiers too and this looks like a good place for that.

snowmummy Mon 17-Jan-11 20:04:07

I do like Les Gets, though I've never stayed there. We stayed a season in Morzine which is just over the hill. Les Gets is nice, smaller than Morzine and I'm not sure what there is for non-skiers do - when I'm in the mountains, I spend as much time as possible snowboarding grin

herdingcats Mon 17-Jan-11 20:09:15

If you want a nice place try Val claret. We have just come back, I'm a non skier and my DD is not very experienced.It was good for all levels HTH smile

dottygamekeeper Mon 17-Jan-11 20:15:35

We went to Les Gets 3 years ago - Mont Chery side not so good for small children, but assume as Ski Famille is orientated towards families it is easy to get to Chavannes lifts. Resort was busier and bigger than I had expected, with a very busy road through the centre (along which the little road train which connects all the lifts runs). Lots of shops and restaurants, but not the villagey feel that we prefer, and it didn't have a true 'front de neige' in my opinion.

Then (don't know if it has changed) there was no public swimming pool (my children like to swim after ski-ing), but there was an ice rink which they enjoyed. There is a special childrens ski area up on Chavannes side which is Indian themed and good for small children (as long as they are OK on a button lift).

Lots of Brits about. Didn't like the fact that in the main Les Gets bowl there were long queues for chairlifts out and no loos - had to queue, then catch lift up to a restaurant to find a loo!

iloverainbows Mon 17-Jan-11 23:04:21

Les Gets is a large resort. I wouldn't go with Ski Famille, the service is shockingly bad and they are way overpriced. Look at private chalets, you will have a much better experience.

doozle Tue 18-Jan-11 09:56:57

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts.

iloverainbows, gosh, I'd only read good things about Ski Famille on here.

The thing I'm keen on is the childcare in the chalet. Would you get that with a private chalet? Any particular ones to recommend?

greygirl Tue 18-Jan-11 09:59:17

what makes you say that iloverainbows?

WibblingDad Tue 18-Jan-11 10:12:06

Iloverainbows, sounds like you have had a bad experience with Ski Famille? Do send me a message if you'd like to discuss as I'm very surprised and would like the opportunity to try and put things right.

WibblingDad Tue 18-Jan-11 10:15:29

.... and Le Marjorie is around 6-7 mins walk (in ski boots) from the Chavannes lifts.

doozle Tue 18-Jan-11 10:21:01

Thanks Chris.

Oh one other thing, is it much of a risk to go in April given Les Gets is low?

I'm thinking of going on 9 April.

I know you can be bussed to Avoriaz but wondering if that means the slopes get very packed over there?

Can the children in ski school be taken to Avoriaz too?

WibblingDad Tue 18-Jan-11 10:41:18

9th April is late for Les Gets and you can expect slushy afternoons. Snow cover can be great ... but it can be pretty patchy the too. Very difficult to predict.

Worst case scenario is that lessons would be moved to Avoriaz by the Les Gets ski schools. It has happened a few times in the past.

doozle Tue 18-Jan-11 11:03:19

Ok, thanks again. Think I'm going to look at going somewhere higher in that case.

Piglett Tue 18-Jan-11 12:45:58

Wibbling Dad - would week begining 19th March be too late for Les Gets?

WibblingDad Tue 18-Jan-11 15:48:43

I'm going the week before but often head out that 19th(ish) week and it's generally pretty good.

Most slopes going down into Les Gets are North facing (except on the Mont Chery side) and hold the snow well.

iloverainbows Tue 18-Jan-11 23:23:48

Many of the chalet companies offer childcare, how they do it and charge for it just varies, for example VIP Chalets and SkiBeat. Private chalets can often recommend local creches in ski resorts. It can be challenging ski-ing with little ones however there are other options. We have only used Skibeat childcare previously and found it fine, although it wasn't in our actual chalet but we just dropped our little one on the way down to ski school.

The situation with Ski Famille was resolved very quickly and very professionally. We were offered a full refund and we left the chalet. Not how we imagined our ski break ending but there we go.

Mummyinthedark Tue 15-Feb-11 12:36:21

Sorry, I'm coming to this very late but as we stayed at The Marjorie with Ski Famille in January it might be helpful.

I would say the walk to the Chavannes lift is ten minutes - especially for children. We kept our boots and skis at one of the hire shops right by the steps to the Chavannes lifts - they heat the boots ovrnight as well which make shtem more pleasant to put on and we didn't have to carry our stuff back and forth.

Kids stuff needs to be back at the chalet unless you are keeping them with you all the time.

To be honest, some of the other companies with childcare that we have used before would have put a minibus on for the children for that distance to the lifts. I do think this sort of walk, which is nothing for adults, can really put children off if they are not excited about skiing or are tired on the way back (luckily ours are very excited by the ski action). The nannies do walk with them and help them with their stuff if you can't.

I have mixed feelings about my Ski Famille experience - let me know if you want to hear more. Overall, I think they are fairly good value for money but I was very underwhelmed by the childcare for a number of reasons. The chalet is ok, but fairly basic - comfortable but not luxurious. Hosting team and chef were really excellent though. happy to provide more info if needed

24joy Mon 17-Oct-11 22:54:33

Just my two-penneth worth as i spent forever searching about ski-famille before i went - the childcare was appalling. The opposite to what you would want. It was extremely dull and my 4 year old HATED it. My 10 month old got injured on the first day (trapped finger). The 'childminders' were bored thick teenagers who couldnt have cared less! I cant believe their website - very misleading. After 2 days i gave up and they spent the rest of the holiday with us (which was nice too but not really the plan!).

WibblingDad Tue 18-Oct-11 15:20:10

24joy, very sorry to read of your experiences - it's exactly the opposite of what we try to offer families (and we generally impress - the vast majority of our business is from returning guests or from personal recommendations). Please do drop me a line if you'd like to make direct contact - I'd really like to know where and when you stayed with us so I can ensure the same mistakes aren't made again.

24joy Wed 19-Oct-11 11:08:42

We stayed in a chalet up the top of a road about 2 years ago - sorry to sound vague but im pretty sure its no longer on your website. The actual chalet and the hosts were good it was just the childcare. The head of childcare (who oversaw everything in the resort) was lovely and proactive - it was just the childminders themseleves. The childcare was opposite to what you advertise in my opinion. There was a bit of colouring in and the tv! My children weren't 'enticed' in at all in the morning and there was no lets 'get up and have fun' attitude - tbh they all seemed hungover or like i said before just bored teenagers. Another family in the chalet actually owned a couple of nurseries back in the UK and they were equally disappointed with how second rate the girls were. I remember one day having to comfort one of the little girls who wanted her mummy and the childminders did nothing - just sat looking baffled.

We have actually booked to come back this year (the week before xmas) with all my husbands 'grown-up' children and little ones (7of us) in the chalet down in les gets opposite the ice-skating. Unfortunately we are probably going to cancel due to cash-flow anyway (bloody recession!) but to be honest the memory of being the only one in the group left to look after my children (as they wouldn't go to the childcare) hasnt made me massively desperate to go back anyway. Its a shame as my parents and sister etc are going and the food, wine and socialising aspect was of a great standard.

Ski-famille IS good value (which is why we thought sod it - we'll give it another go and hope things have improved) and the people who work both on the phones and in the chalets were lovely. It is just the disappointment of the childcare that is the overwhelmimg memory i have. Thank you for contacting me though - completely didnt expect it! At least you're listening and maybe i should have said more at the time. As i remember though there were some other issues aswell so maybe i just did a typical English thing- said nothing and moved on.

skifalloverrepeat Tue 25-Oct-11 17:42:42

Doozle - i've been to Marjorie, and I love Les Gets. I would recommend the whole package, BUT.. Impress upon Wibblingdad that childcare better be up to snuff... because it was somehting that we felt could have been improved upon and we've made our feelings on the subject known in Ski Famille feedback.

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