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Thomson Ski - quality of childcare

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imgonnaliveforever Fri 14-Jan-11 12:41:05

We are hoping to book first skiing holiday with children DS 3yo, DD will be 19 months.
DS started preschool this week, but I use childminder rather than day nursery for them while I work so neither child is used to a nursery setting for long periods of time.

We've looked at somewhere with ski beat which seems to have a nice creche taking max of about 7 children which sounds lovely.

We've also looked at thomson in deux alpes which is overall a much cheaper deal, but I'm just not too sure about the childcare.

I spoke to an inept man at their call centre who knew very little (e.g. when I asked if there were places for them to sleep there he said "no they can't sleep there they sleep in their rooms" - had to explain to him that babies need to sleep in daytime as well). He said he reckoned about 25 kids in creche.

I'm just worried that it will be a massive industrialised creche with underqualified staff and generally less beneficial for children.

Would love to hear feedback on thomson creche and childcare experiences, as well as general thomson ski feedback.

Nettee Fri 14-Jan-11 14:49:38

Thompon and crystal are the same ski company and you will find Some reviews on here that mention crystal. I have stayed at two crystal chalet hotels and have been pleased with the crèche. In each place the were a maximum of 6 little ones with two staff out of 4 on at a time who work in a rota system. They take them out to play in the snow and do interesting indoor activities. They have a dark sleep area with two cots in and feed them decent food at lunch time. May be a bigger operation in deux alpes but they might have been talking about the whizz kids club as well which can be a bit bigger. The staff are young but I think they have to be qualified - check the small print in the brochure on that one.

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