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Is proof of age ID necessary for children's ski school?

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virgiltracey Mon 10-Jan-11 12:10:00

DS1 will be two weeks off being six (min age for ski school) and DS2 4 weeks off being 4 (min age for snow club). poor DS2 would have to sit inside all morning in a "creche"

Think my planning has gone a bit wrong - bloomin half term angry

LIZS Mon 10-Jan-11 15:24:28

IME It depends how busy the ski school are and how physically able and experienced your dc are. Have you prebooked their spaces as half term is notoriously hectic? We had similar when ds was 3 weeks off being 5 but could argue he had already skiied the equivalent of a week that season and was already used to skiign all day (lessons were 3 hours). Bear in mind bending the truth may invalidate their insurance though.

InaraSerra Mon 10-Jan-11 15:42:16

Where are you going? Many ski schools will take them from 4 or younger. We're planning to go to France and seem to have several options for our 4yr old DS. Perhaps you could find an alternative in the same resort.

virgiltracey Mon 10-Jan-11 20:32:26

We're going to arinsal (andorra) and ski school starts at age 6. snow garden is open for 4 - 8 year olds and DS1 will probably be happy with that but below 4 they have to stay indoors in a creche with babies. DS2 is NOT going to be happy sad. He has no skiing experience but is big for his age and physically very able. I'm not optimistic abou them letting him in though

Portofino Mon 10-Jan-11 20:37:27

Their insurance won't be valid! I would not take that risk personally. Surely you knew this when you booked?

virgiltracey Mon 10-Jan-11 20:48:14

No I've never been before and putting it together ourselves. Not yet pressed the book it button but just about to book it anyway I think. DS2 can go into kindergarten for a couple of hours in the morning and then we'll all have free private lessons from DH in the afternoon grin. Its not ideal but I thnk we've found a bargain

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Jan-11 20:53:41

Last year there was a little boy staying in our chalet who had to miss the first day of ski school because he was not the right age (it was italy, I think it was 5) until the second day. Must be to do with insurance.

LIZS Mon 10-Jan-11 21:35:19

Not all resorts will allow the general public access to the snowgarden with tis magic carpet lifts and kiddie firnedly gates and facilities. It may well be dedicated to he skischool lessons. If they won't take ds2 you will probably find they would do a private lesson . Unless your dh is a competent he'll struggle with taking a young non skier up even the most gentle of button lifts.

natation Mon 10-Jan-11 21:38:47

Can you not wait until Easter? That way your children will be old enough. Also the slopes will be quieters and ski school will have smaller groups.

LIZS Mon 10-Jan-11 21:55:44

You could always email/call the ski schools (there seems to be a couple around the resort according to the website) and ask. A snow garden tends to be an enclosed area with fun inflatables, a magic carpet lift (think gentle inclined travelator)and/or ropetow and a very basic slalom on a short slope, with access to an indoor area for snacks and maybe a toilet.

fedupwithdeployment Tue 11-Jan-11 13:44:20

I have found that French ski schools do not check age. I lied about DS1's age last Easter (he was 5.5) as I wanted him to go into the same class as his cousin (10). DS told them blush "I am 5 but Mummy says I am 6..." but it wasn't an issue and it was a great success.

I have booked DNiece (3) into Piou Piou kiddy ski club for half term, and while they accept from 3, the ESF lady did point out that it didn't work for everyone.

Ski passes however - different story. I had to provide DS2 (4)'s passport for his free passes in 4 different French resorts (incl Les Orres and Puy St Vincent) this Xmas. DS1 as a 6 year old costs almost the same, so they don't check.

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