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Morzine - what is there to do for a non-skier?

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MollieO Tue 28-Dec-10 19:50:36

Usually I ski. Not been to Morzine before and as I recently buggered my back I won't be skiing this year. How can I occupy myself during the day when Ds is in ski school (he will be in school all day with me meeting him for lunch).

I've ordered a Kindle and will take DVDs but I don't want to spend all my time in the chalet. I'm pretty mobile but my back isn't up to skiing unfortunately.

MrsGuyOfChristmasBorn Wed 29-Dec-10 07:35:27

There is a cinema, and is actually a proepr town rather than just being a ski village, so quite decent restaurants etc, as well as hairdressers, beauty salons etc

VivaLeBeaver Thu 30-Dec-10 16:22:29

I went to Morzine 11 years ago, was skiing so didn't really investigate the non-skiing options. Agree though that its a big place, with the exception of Chamonix its the biggest ski resort I've been to. So would think its a good place to go.

LovelyJudy Thu 06-Jan-11 09:45:50

i agree its a good place to hang out. in fact i've just seen on their website - you can do a visit to a slate factory or a tour of the stable and dairy. hmmmm! but on the upside there's a particularly lovely cafe up the mountain with armchairs and slippers and blankets etc (how old am I?!) Pointe de Nyon which you can get the cable car up to.

MmeLindt Mon 10-Jan-11 12:17:58

Morzine is a nice little town so you won't be too bored. Plenty of cafes, a few shops - although you will know them well by the end of the week.

If you have the use of a car and didn't have to meet DS ever lunchtime, you could go into Geneva for the day, it is only just over an hour.

Or down to the lake to Thonon - only 30 min drive so you could go for a morning. Yvoire is lovely, about 40 mins away.

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