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Bext value skiing resorts/packages for beginniers

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Antalya1 Tue 28-Dec-10 17:48:26

Myself and a friend would love to go on a skiing holiday early in February 2012. As lone parents, we do need to plan ahead (i.e, save up)

We would also have our two sons, both aged 15 with us. We know that the cheaper options would be Bulgaria etc. but we would love to ideally look at either France, Austria or Andorra.

We would like to go either HB, FB or AI in a hotel that had facilities, swimming pool etc. something for our sons to do (and of course a bar for us!!!)and would need the whole package of ski passes/hire of skis/boots etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best sites/companys to look at or would we be better to book each part individually. I know that skiing holidays don't come cheap but any cost saving ideas that anyone has would be welcome.

natation Tue 28-Dec-10 18:23:47

If you want a package from the UK, then probably a company like Rocketski or similar is your most budget option, not sure you'd get everything like a pool, but to get a February week, you are going to have to book well in advance or keep fingers crossed for a last minute bargain, very hard to find in February.

You will almost definitely be able to do a cheaper holiday if you make your own package. The French prefer "compact" accommodation, to them the skiing and location is more important, they got for self catering and using the bread collection service for breakfast (nearly all apartments have this), then either eat in the apartment restaurant or other restaurant nearby, or cook for yourselves. Many French apartment buildings include pools, many are right next to the slopes, the lifts and/or ski schools. French apartment companies are Pierre et Vacances, MGM, Goelia, Odalys, Maeva, Goelia, Residhotel, that's just a few names, there are many more of them. I'd reckon Goelia are possibly the cheapest.

There are resorts which give discounts for families/groups buying lift passes together (don't have to be blood related at some).

Ski hire is often cheapest by booking ahead by internet - always try to get a hire shop near to where you are staying which is open late the day before skiing or very early the next morning, if you are doing lessons, so you are not late.

You could fly with a discount airline such as Easyjet to Geneva and access many northern Alps resorts.

I started off research for our first skiing holiday by using the Peak Retreats website. We've only actuallly booked once for them, I just really appreciate the information on their website.

I personally don't think Bulgaria is particularly cheap, maybe when comparing UK travel operators, but comparing a home made package, France or Austria would be often cheaper.

Do consider the fact that in 2012, Easter falls on 9th April. French schools don't go on holiday until the week after, whereas most UK schools are on holiday the week before Easter, so the first week of Easter might be a good week to go rather than February, just choose a more snow secure resort, the prices in April are always alot cheaper than February.

ascalu Tue 28-Dec-10 18:29:13 We are going here very soon and the reviews are excellent. Will report back. Looks like very good value for money.

alypaly Tue 28-Dec-10 18:41:57

if its in school hols in has always cost me between £800 -£1000 per person and that is with self catering accomodation in france. its not a cheap holiday. I always pay for lift passes when i get there in case snow is crap or its foggy.

Antalya1 Tue 28-Dec-10 18:46:39

Thanks for all the info, Feb half term would be great but I know that price wise that is going to be completely outside our budget, so perhaps the Easter suggestion may be the best.

LovePinkBitsOfMyHorse Tue 28-Dec-10 18:51:49

You could go to your own name, only two hours from skiing AND you have the med instead of a pool AND easyjet fly there now!

LovePinkBitsOfMyHorse Tue 28-Dec-10 18:52:10

Or am I thinking of Alanya?

Antalya1 Tue 28-Dec-10 18:58:27

No you're thinking of the right place, Ironically enough I used to live an hour away from there and never went!!!! Sorry another question...a complete novice here...what would be the best value for money resort in France?

Lilymaid Tue 28-Dec-10 19:06:00

We've just had a week self catering in France and drove there and back. All in it cost us £3000 for 4 adults (our DCs are students).
There are some good deals for hotels this year, but hotels in the Alps with a swimming pool tend to be the best in the resort, so rather expensive.
Before you sign up to a ski hire/lessons/lift pass package, check whether you can purchase these cheaper independently. Allow £350-£400 per person for these items.
Easter is an excellent time for skiing provided you choose a high and snow sure resort.

alypaly Tue 28-Dec-10 22:30:06

always go to la plagne....appartments aspen in plagne villages has a pool and the appts are a high standard and large and well equipped for france. night life is quiet in france but there are a few bars and a lift system that links the areas which runs til 1am.

we stay in belle plagne as it has a bit more going on with a bowling alley and a brilliant pizza restaurant which is quite cheap for france . you can ski in and out of appts and all ski schools are close by. there is also a bar that does happy 2 hours at 3euros a pint rather than 8

alypaly Tue 28-Dec-10 22:31:40

all in for 4 it cost me £3200 and we ate out most lunch times and 2or 3 times at night.

i have loads of ski equipment and childrens ski clothes for sale too

natation Tue 28-Dec-10 22:32:28

Here's some self-catering in Aussois, a small French resort - if you haven't skied before, somewhere like this is perfect.,prix/aussois/goe lia-les-flocons-d-argent.147.2.php

If you were going skiing the first week of Easter 2011, your total outlay (apart from getting there and food) would be :

apartment for 4, with pool, 1 week, ca 250
(adding on admin fee and local tax)
6 day lift passes 2 adults +2 kids, 426
6 days ski hire * 4, 198
6 days of ESF 2 hour lessons * 4, 368

250 + 426 + 198 + 368 = 1242 euro or £1060 or £265 each person for accommodation/ski hire/lessons/lift passes

To get to Aussois either :
a drive
b fly to Torino with Ryanair followed by TGV to Modane followed by 15 min bus ride
c fly to Torino and rent a car
d train to Lille then Lyon then Modane followed by 15 min bus ride

I think you could get flights/trains and transfers for between £100 and £200 per head

natation Wed 29-Dec-10 10:52:31

Here's another small resort, la Rosiere, which is a few minutes transfer from Bourg St Maurice, direct Eurostar train in winter from London from £149 return. This residence is almost right next to the slopes and ski school, also has a swimming pool. There is also a covered ice rink and boeling alley in the resort, which are probably a short walk away.

This would be the outlay for first week of April 2011 :
apartment for 4 with pool 1 week, ca 500
6 day lift passes 2 adults 2 kids, 700
(if complete beginner and doing ski school, you only need 5 day passes)
6 days of ESF 2 1/2 hour lessons* 4, 504
6 days of ski hire * 4, 198

500 + 700 + 504 + 198 = 1902 or £1622 which is £ 405.50 each person for accommodation/ski hire/lessons/lift passes

Add on £149 each for the Eurostar and about £13 for minbus transfer to resort.

Antalya1 Wed 29-Dec-10 14:39:00

Thank you, I'll look into these options

mammarosa Sat 15-Jan-11 18:59:36

I have found a company called acorn holidays that specialise in family holidays inc. single parents - prices v. reasonable as travel by coach although you can do your own travel.and they give you a £100 off. It's esp. good deal as equipment and lift pass is included. I haven't been with them but am quite tempted as price so good.

natation Sun 16-Jan-11 11:06:05

Here's another option, it's All Inclusive : hotel, all meals, ski hire, lift pass, children's clubs for little ones same level as Club Piou in ESF), often swimming pools and ice rinks included, guided skiing, you would only possibly want to pay for ski lessons, oh and from the UK transport costs.

One adult and one child under 13 costs for first week of Easter 2011 from £800 for the 2. Add on perhaps £300-400 for transport, so £1100 to £1200 all in for 2. You would struggle to beat that price, except on a late deal, with Esprit Ski, Ski Beat, Ski Famille, Acorn, all the UK companies specialising in package family deals.

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