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Family Ski Company vs Ski Beat?

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Suslik Mon 25-Oct-10 22:54:53

Hi all,
we have travelled for 2 years with ski beat and very much enjoyed their chalets, food, etc. All except childcare. I mean the staff were good, but the creche facilities are really rather very small and i never felt that i myself would want to spend a whole 5-6 days in that room really. My daughter was ok with the creche when she was 1 but not that great when she was 2, for a number of reasons.

I am looking into options with Family ski company this year. I was wondering if anyone has travelled with both and can compare their childcare facilities for me. Is family ski any better? Specifically we are looking at les coches but nothing booked yet.

thank you

CaurnieBred Tue 26-Oct-10 14:11:23

Sorry - not been with Family Ski company but we did Ski Beat in Peissey in 2008 and then Le Ski in La Tania for the past two years. We can def recommend Le Ski. The creche in La Tania is a lovely room; not huge but def light and airy and the kids get taken out every afternoon and sometimes in the morning. They also eat downstairs in a dedicated kitchen area. When we went for the first time - March 2009 - they would take them all out for a walk when they went to collect DD from ski school. This year we went in January and they didn't so maybe they thought it too cold to go out in the morning. DD loved it.

HopingForSnow Fri 29-Oct-10 17:49:25

I used to work for Family Ski, and they were a fantastic company. Food was better than a higher end company I also worked with, and the staff were alwasy so enthusiastic.

I can honestly say that we all loved our jobs, and in the 2 seasons I worked for them we had a 'returning' family almost every week. The creches are slightly different in each resort but well equipped and bright. After a few seasons int he ski industry, I would definitely say Family Ski.

BeachMum3 Tue 02-Nov-10 08:52:26

We have been with Family Ski Company twice and their child care has been excellent on both occassions - we are going back again this year...

My kids (age 2/3, 4/5 & 7/8) all loved the creche / kids clubs. they did loads of activities with both the little ones in the creche and the bigger ones in the kids clubs - inside and out. My youngest wasn't great at settling into creche at home but settled really quickly with Family Ski - the staff were very enthusiastic and always smiling and fun.

My kids took the option of going to kids club rather than spending an afternoon with us they were having so much fun - I think that says it all really!

I would definately recommend you give Family Ski a try - you won't be disappointed!

Wheelybug Tue 16-Nov-10 16:39:19

Don't know if anyone will return to this thread but interesting info - we have been with skibeat 3 times and have had good holidays.

We did La Plagne the first time with a 13 month old. Creche was small and out of the way. We then went to La Rosiere when dd1 was 3 - creche was superb, really big and new and in the samebuilding as the chalets. So, we returned to La Ros with skibeat last year with dd2 then 12months because we knew the creche was good.

But, we've now definitely got all we can out of La Ros/La Thuile so were thinking Plan Peisey this season but is the ski beatcreche small there too ? DD2 will be 2 and is v. active so I think would struggle in a small space.

Will take a look at Family ski company too !

CluckyKate Fri 19-Nov-10 08:45:07

We had a bit of a disasterous holiday with Ski Beat last year so would def. avoid. Have heard really good things about Ski Famille and Espirit so will be trying them in the future.

Wheelybug - the creche in Peisey is v. small although DD (who was 15 months at the time) seemed quite happy there but I think the kids being cared for by their parenbts in the chalet had more fun. They do take them out every afternoon, weather permitting, but agree that might not be enough for a rambunctious 2yo grin.

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