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Will there be snow in the Grenoble area mid March??

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Pan Tue 19-Oct-10 21:02:46

I know it's a crystal ball question, but from experience is this likely? we are stuck for dates to get away and have been offered a chalet free of charge. It's handy for Gap and La Joue du Loup ski area. About 80 miles south of Grenoble. Ski station is at 1,500m up to 2,500m

Fear we are going to be slushing around, or hitting revealed stones and tree roots!!


Alpinechildcare Fri 22-Oct-10 16:59:01

Yes!! you don't need to worry about slush until the end of April as long as you can get above 1800m.

maltesers Tue 09-Nov-10 10:09:00

Les Deux Alps is near Grenoble and we went there on my first ski trip and its a Glacier , so snow is Guaranteed !!

fedupwithdeployment Tue 09-Nov-10 13:14:31

I don't know La Joue de Loup, but it is not handy for Les 2 Alpes. However, I have done a lot of skiing near Gap, and last year (ok a bumper season) the first half of April was fab. We were east of Gap - Les Orres, Reallon, St Leger Les Melezes, Ancelle etc.

To answer your question, if the season is good you will have a fab time. If it is less bumper, you will still be able to ski, but I'd use hire skis!

Pan Sat 13-Nov-10 07:26:58

just caught up with this - thanks a lot for reassurring me!

id ohave memories a couple of yearsago when snow was in short supply all around, remember? Seeing earth showing through in parts, and then skiing on ice in other parts was really interesting.

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