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RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 14:59:51

Hi all,

We know that some of you have clocked it already <hands out deer stalkers> but we thought we would have an official thread to announce with sad hearts that we have to bid farewell to the wonder that is HelenMumsnet

For those of you who don't know where have you been? Helen has headed up the MN Community team for several years now and she is orf to pastures new.

Aside from supplying MNHQ with plenty of [cake] and [gin], she has worked tirelessly on many many elements of Mumsnet over the years to help shape it into the site we see today thanks .

She has trained many of us and been one of the kindest and most supportive colleagues it's possible to have!

So please join us in raising a glass wine to the lovely HelenMumsnet - we will miss you and we wish you the very very best in your new job.

p.s Please don't troll us, you know too much wink

Ode to HelenMumsnet by OliviaMumsnet

A blue sad face is not enough to describe our feeling
The news that Helen's leaving HQ has left us all reeling.
We wish her all the very best in her new endeavour.
We're sure her new employers know that she's not just clever,
Her long list of skills is wonderfully impressive,
Though she plays it down, for she's discreet and not excessive.
When (wo)manning the ship she maintained perfect control,
Hunting out with precision every sock puppet, perv or troll.
She is generous to a fault, in knowledge, care and time,
Her replies on Site Stuff threads verged from brilliant to sublime.
A discerning modern woman, she don't believe the hype,
Though she's regularly <boggled> at the sentences she has had to type.
The Mumsnetters will miss her as off she fucks to pastures new
And all of us at the Towers will miss her smile and bossy emails too.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 15:11:42


coppertop Wed 14-Aug-13 15:12:25

Bye, Helen.

Good luck with the new job. wine

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Wed 14-Aug-13 15:15:36

Bye Helen. Good luck and have some leaving flowers. At least you don't have to carry them home on the tube.

aristocat Wed 14-Aug-13 15:16:31

Good luck Helen
thanks thanks thanks

BOF Wed 14-Aug-13 15:17:25

We'll miss you so much, Helen- this shower can't compare sad

Oops, did I type that out loud?

I mean, I'm sure they'll do you proud by continuing in your very stylish footprints.

Good luck with everything, and please say you'll stop by and visit us often. All though not so often that they'll sack you. Obviously.

Lots of love thanks

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 15:18:43


RustyBear Wed 14-Aug-13 15:18:46

Good luck with the new job, Helen - have you chosen your new MN name yet?


RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 15:20:20


Good luck with the new job, Helen - have you chosen your new MN name yet?


New? who says she's not already posting <eyes everyone suspiciously>

MissStrawberry Wed 14-Aug-13 15:21:15

<tears up>

TerribleTantrums Wed 14-Aug-13 15:22:25

Bye Helen, I hope that you remember us through a happy, if slightly surreal, haze. I bet whatever you do next will seem just a little mundane but much saner than working at MNTowers. grin


MrsFlorrick Wed 14-Aug-13 15:23:33

Well <folds arms in huffy manner> if that's it then I guess you will have to leave us <petted lip>

Good luck Helen grin

WilmaFingerdoo Wed 14-Aug-13 15:27:55

Good Luck Helen thanks

she'll be back

ouryve Wed 14-Aug-13 15:29:06

Awwww. Bye, Helen, and good luck flowerswine

LuisSuarezTeeth Wed 14-Aug-13 15:37:10



TheSmallPrint Wed 14-Aug-13 15:37:38

Bye Helen!! Tell us where you are going so we can stalk you there.

PicnicPie Wed 14-Aug-13 15:40:49

All the best Helen flowers

GinHelen Wed 14-Aug-13 15:41:05

Of course she's I've chosen her my new name smile

GlaikitFizzog Wed 14-Aug-13 15:43:07

Tarah chuck!

Who is head girl now?? not that Upduffed one I hope wink

Ps, none of the YouTube links are opening for me.

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 15:45:20


Wishing you all the very best. thanks

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 15:46:58


cocolepew Wed 14-Aug-13 16:00:01

Bye Helen, good luck flowers
keep running and don't look back

IsItWishfulThinking Wed 14-Aug-13 16:04:58

winethanks bye Helen sad

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 14-Aug-13 16:06:05

I will miss your lovely commonsense.
Best wishes in your new job Helen.

deepfriedsage Wed 14-Aug-13 16:06:57

Bye, best of luck.

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