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Discounts for Mumsnetters - Anything in Scotland?

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M2T Wed 02-Jul-03 14:16:26

Hi there Tech. I was having a wee look at the list of companies that Mumsnetters receive discounts from. I don't recognise any of them! Do any of them have outlets in Central Scotland? I'd really like to take advantage of the discount especially for Chirstmas, but I was wondering if they are mostly London-based businesses?

Please please please help.

Many thanks in advance.

M2T Thu 03-Jul-03 12:46:00

I'm just refreshing this. Can ANYONE tell me if these stores are in Scotland too? Demented, Janh, Tigger2, Bobsmum, susanmt???? Can any of you help, pleeeease?

WideWebWitch Thu 03-Jul-03 12:48:29

M2T, aren't they all internet based so it doesn't matter where you are, they'll deliver anywhere? I may be wrong though, haven't looked at the home page stuff.

M2T Thu 03-Jul-03 13:04:19

Good point WWW. I wasn't blessed with much common sense!

breeze Thu 10-Jul-03 15:10:29


masterchef1 Thu 02-May-13 03:23:55

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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