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End of an era - MP hanging up her... erm... keyboard

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-Apr-10 16:01:34

It is with deep sadness that we must inform you that Morningpaper has, after four glorious years, decided to retire her mouse and cease to produce the Talk round up. Apparently she has a "proper job with benefits". This Friday's round-up will be her last (so do make sure you're preferences are set to receive it.)

Thankfully we have been rescued from the slough of despond into which we at MN Towers had tumbled by the news that none other than Aitch, who currently scribbles the TV round up for our parenting newsletter, has agreed to step into the breach. We're delighted that's she's cheap available and ready to pick up where MP will very soon be leaving off. So more bumsex then.

Poledra Wed 21-Apr-10 16:21:01

Oooh, does this mean that we set our scores for 'Number of Times I have Been in the Round-Up' back to 0? Not that I think MamaG needs taking down a peg or two from her 13 hits...

Sorry to lose you, MP, hope the new job goes well.

Welcome, Aitch (who is, according to littlelapin, a Big Trollop, so should be some fun on the Round-up then).

dizzydixies Wed 21-Apr-10 16:22:41

great idea DecorHate - she's been FAB and I'm sure Aitch will do just as fine a job

DroosieCat Wed 21-Apr-10 16:23:45

Smarmies up to Aitch and surreptitiously hands over wadge of cash for honorable mention in round upgrin

LeninGrad Wed 21-Apr-10 16:23:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBlaBlah Wed 21-Apr-10 16:24:20

Despite preferences being set, I never did get a round up in all the 4 years.

Now I will never know the wonder that was the MPRU.

Good luck Aitch. Not too much of a pressure to be hilarious and witty eh? hmm

MadameOvary Wed 21-Apr-10 16:29:50

Congrats on your new job MP
Welcome aitch!

Slubberdegullion Wed 21-Apr-10 16:30:32

aw sad I love MP's roundup. Even when on my mn breaks I still liked to read it to get the funnies low down. Well done and thank you MP for all your hard work.
<whispers - before you delete your spreadsheets how many times did I get in?>

Good Show Aitch for taking over the show. Will look forward to seeing it a week friday.

rubyslippers Wed 21-Apr-10 16:30:40

cor - tis the end of an era <<sucks teeth and shakes head forlornly>>

but yay for Aitch - I think she will do a grand job

AbricotsSecs Wed 21-Apr-10 16:40:04

Message withdrawn

YohoAhoy Wed 21-Apr-10 16:56:52

This is a bit like Dr Who.

Sad to see one go, but keen to see how the new one measures up grin

Littlefish Wed 21-Apr-10 16:58:57

Great idea about the "quote of the week" summary.

Sorry you're going MP - will you still hang around mumsnet doing normal chatting stuff?

Welcome to your new job Aitch. grin

ClaireDeLoon Wed 21-Apr-10 17:06:43

MP's round up made me laugh and made me come back to lurk'n'laugh if I hadn't been on for a few days, good luck with your new job MP.

FabIsGoingToGetFit Wed 21-Apr-10 17:10:27

<what's all this about someone being me????confusedgrin.

I used to get the round up. I don't anymore sad

Had 1 mention grin

Sweeedes Wed 21-Apr-10 17:15:32

Morningpaper - The very best of luck with your new job.

brimfull Wed 21-Apr-10 17:17:50

disloyal bitch


EccentricaGallumbits Wed 21-Apr-10 17:18:33

god bless er and all wh0 sail in her.

Congratulations MP! grin You made me larf.

Well done Aitch. Look forward to reading it. grin

cyteen Wed 21-Apr-10 17:19:05

Thanks for the laughs MP, and thanks for my mentions too grin

midnightexpress Wed 21-Apr-10 17:19:47

Thanks for the hoots MP, and good luck with the new job.

And here's to many more hoots (mon) from Aitch.

<sweeeeeeeedes, is that you oh, rooty one? How the heck etc.>

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 21-Apr-10 17:20:07

Message withdrawn

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 21-Apr-10 17:22:10

tsk. a real job? in this economic climate? she'll be taking that job away from a MAN who needs it, you know.

<<sucks teeth>>

women should stay at home and look after the feral monsters children.

And that Aitch is no better than she should be.


<<cat's bum mouth>>

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 21-Apr-10 17:22:37

(sad smile really grin)

morningpaper Wed 21-Apr-10 17:26:18

Aw thank you Justine and all

And thanks to Aitch for being the new Doctor Roundupper

My job is charity sector blah blah blah with pay that would make Xena suck her teeth in horror BUT STILL the smallest is starting school this autumn so I need ot get my teeth into something rather than procrastinating at home all day

I've had a great four years rounding up and you have all been lovely

bobbiewickham Wed 21-Apr-10 17:29:07

Congrats MP, and thanks for all the smiles. I look forward to the roundup....

Oh God, does that mean I should get a job too?

Looking forward to Aitch's tenure...

Hassled Wed 21-Apr-10 17:41:36

Farewell then, Morning Paper
You made us sound much funnier
Than we really are.
And your pink basement will be
Forever in my mind.

E J Hassled (43 and 3/4)

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