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Posting pictures in Classifieds

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SofiaAmes Sun 17-Jul-05 09:53:54

Hey tech,
Yesterday I tried to post photos in several Classified ads and had no luck at all. At first it told me that the photos needed to be less than 18K (is that's miniscule). But even when I made the photo that small it wouldn't let me load it. Also, it seems a little odd that you have to load the photo after you've submitted your post.
I don't think I'm doing anything wrong as I'm able to post the same photos on other classified sites without problems.

How about using the method where you have to upload the photo to a photo site (like photobucket) and then do a link to it. That way you guys don't have to worry about server space.


SofiaAmes Sat 23-Jul-05 07:03:41


SoupDragon Sat 23-Jul-05 08:18:26

Suggest you email MN directly

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