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triggerhappy Fri 15-Jul-05 11:31:10

I've tried to email the MN team about not recieving my newsletters, although I am signed up for them all, but my hotmail account won't let me use outlook express, so could the team possibly look into it without having an email from me?

Thanks in advance.

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Jul-05 11:34:51

I'll email them for you, in case they don't see this thread.

As an aside, if you use the free version of hotmail you will never be able to connect to it via Outlook Express and will have to connect to the website to read/send emails.

triggerhappy Fri 15-Jul-05 12:02:36

thanks very much, that's probably whats happened, my accounts a freebie!!

Rachel (mumsnet) Fri 15-Jul-05 12:51:58

I'll make sure your message is passed on to our tech team, triggerhappy, who shd be able to sort it out.


tech (MNHQ) Fri 15-Jul-05 15:29:20

Hi Triggerhappy,
you are set up to receive the email. I just sent another copy. Let me know if you don't get it.


triggerhappy Fri 15-Jul-05 17:07:06

hi, I got that one, thanks a lot!

giraffeski Fri 15-Jul-05 17:12:40

Message withdrawn

triggerhappy Fri 15-Jul-05 17:45:37

Giraffski, thanks for that, will bear it in mind, I've got 2 yahoo freebie accounts!!

katymac Fri 15-Jul-05 20:14:40

Sorry for the hijack but can anyone help me...
I'm with BT and Mumsnet got accidentally classed as I never get my Mumsnet stuff....can I change it?

giraffeski Sat 16-Jul-05 13:05:40

Message withdrawn

katymac Sat 16-Jul-05 13:11:42

Well it was now it's broadband

JulieF Sun 17-Jul-05 00:15:11

I've always had free hotmail and use outlook express fine.

SaintGeorge Sun 17-Jul-05 00:20:52

If you have an old free hotmail account and already have it routed through Outlook it will be fine, but any new hotmail accounts - or old ones newly trying to connect via the pop server - are blocked.

giraffeski Sun 17-Jul-05 11:12:58

Message withdrawn

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