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Thread won't flip

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hub2dee Fri 15-Jul-05 11:03:39

Maybe my browser (Safari) or laptop (OS X) is being dumb, but this thread won't respond to a 'flip' command.

(Just FYI, Tech).

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Jul-05 11:05:41

That is one of the threads damaged recently when Tech was playing about with the archives.

Certain posts have been duplicated at the top and bottom of the thread - the original post will be somewhere in the middle.

So the chances are it is flipping but you just don't realise as you see the same post again.

hub2dee Fri 15-Jul-05 13:38:15

OK, St. G, I will put on my Sherlock Holmes outfit and reverse engineer it.


SaintGeorge Fri 15-Jul-05 14:12:38

Sorry hub, meant to post back on here earlier.

I had a look and the original post is berolina on Thursday, 26 May, 2005 8:23:33 PM if that's any help.

hub2dee Fri 15-Jul-05 14:35:48

Thank you. I had repeatedly scanned trying to find berolina's original post in a forward direction, I'll go back to the thread and have a read.

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