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I wondered why you can add a picture to For Sale but not add a picture to Small Business Ads...

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lemonice Fri 08-Jul-05 15:33:20

It would make them much more interesting and effective...please

QueenOfQuotes Fri 08-Jul-05 15:36:10

That's a good point actually - especially as they pay to advertise there - having a picture could increase the numbers buying from the advertisers, who may then recommend MN to others to advertise on - thus increasing MN's revenu

SoupDragon Fri 08-Jul-05 15:42:38

Email them and ask

Rachel (mumsnet) Sat 09-Jul-05 14:40:48

This is a good idea and I'll put it to the team when everyone's back at mumsnet HQ on Monday and come back to you.

tech (MNHQ) Sat 09-Jul-05 14:50:29

I'll have a look at this. I thought you could, but it seems you can't.


lemonice Sun 10-Jul-05 00:15:23

Thanks, I didn't notice the discrepancy until I posted something on the For Sale thread for misdee and thought it was missing from the other one!!!

cityofmarvels Mon 18-Jul-05 09:37:19

I'm looking forward to this, are you going to do it...?

bubblerock Mon 18-Jul-05 09:41:09

Just noticed this and would also like to be able to add a photo on my business ad. Hope it's possible

lemonice Tue 09-Aug-05 12:04:08

Perhaps adding this feature to the business Ads would make them more appealing. Has there been any progress yet?

Rachel (mumsnet) Wed 10-Aug-05 21:17:42

Hi there, just to let you know that we're really keen to get this going also and tech is currently working on it. We'll let you know as soon as it's up and running.


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