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Agggh! How do I unhide a thread?

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MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:22:59

I've lost the queen of huns thread...gasp horror, must have hidden instead of flipped it....

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 21:23:46

it is still in active, isn't it ?

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:26:46

yes, but if I have hidden it then it doesn't show up...

and I was in the middle of going to watch naked wrestlers and preparing poulet aux crevettes with lobster fondue sauce..

It will burn!

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 21:27:39

if you click on it again though...

oops, am being thick

how about if I link it on this thread...would that work ?

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:29:41

MD..I'll talk you your're a passenger landing a plane .....ok..

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:30:01

dunno. but worth a go, pretty please!

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:30:29

1) on customise

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 21:30:54


MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:32:40

right, I am back on watching, but not I am on,

where is customise?

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:34:35

just under Mumsnet Talk

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:34:56


where is customise?!!

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:35:18

Can you see customise....?

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-10 21:35:40

< hands over to DP >

< carefully backs out of thread >

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:37:14

ok, found customise, have done hidden threads on active convos...does that mean I have to go to active convos to find it?

<<weeps quietly>>

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:37:26

Ok....go to top of this will see Munsnet Talk...and underneath all the "threads I'm on" and stuff

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:39:08

Click on customise and go to bottom of that page until you see "hidden topics"....

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:40:40

"ignore topics" even... have you found it...?

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:41:45

yay! milles bisous to DP and AF!

I'm back in business - must dash to see how lobster sauce is doing...

daftpunk Tue 26-Jan-10 21:49:19


MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 21:53:09

<<scatters home-made chocolate truffles over DP and Anyfucker...

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Jan-10 21:58:47

Argh, late again!

But glad you found it, MadameDefarge...

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 22:01:48

thank you Helen, always good to know MNHQ is waiting in the wings with lavender water and hankies for these kind of emergencies!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Jan-10 22:17:37

Yes, we do lavender water and hankies VERY well. <proffers fragrant linen>

Techie help? Nah...

MadameDefarge Tue 26-Jan-10 22:21:07

<<offers Helen plate of quail vol au vents...>>

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Jan-10 22:24:55


How does this interweb thingie work then?

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