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Is there anyway you lot could temprarily bar me from mumsnet?

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EccentricaGallumbits Fri 15-Jan-10 17:05:35

I have no will power and am ery easily distracted.

I also have a huge amount of work I need to do over the next few days.

Should I do something evil and get myself banned, then reappear as someone else?

or is there a way to filter my computer so i can't even look at the site?

Starbear Sat 16-Jan-10 12:27:46

I'm in the same boat. Should we start a help group?
NOW I must go and do some housework
I joined fly ladies that helps (only sometimes) as I post list of things to do and think I've got to finsih at least some jobs before going on line again smile blush

Blackduck Sat 16-Jan-10 12:30:09

if you us firefox you can use leechblock which allows you to set up rules to block sites....sure there is an equivalent for IE

MrsSnoops Sat 16-Jan-10 12:33:31

I've just done this. Blocked the website for a week (DH put password in) and then had in unblocked last night for the weekend. Just don't like looking all the tme when I should be with the kids. My week has been a happier one. Wish I had some will power but I don't.

thumbwitch Sat 16-Jan-10 12:40:58

ooh I should join too - I'm a devil for sitting here when I should be going to bed (am in a different time zone to the rest of you) and then being tired next day blush

It's compulsive though, innit - like in Bridget Jones' diary when she keeps checking her answerphone for messages.

differentID Sat 16-Jan-10 12:42:14

Take a vital cable out and give it to your daughter to look after for 3 days. She's been good at hiding stuff from yougrin

Did you ever get your cardigan back?

MerlinsBeard Sat 16-Jan-10 12:42:56

we could ll be really nasty to you so you don't want to come back...??

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 16-Jan-10 12:43:28

Hello. Yes, we can 'ban' you temporarily, if you like, Eccentrica (and Starbear) - and then reinstate you (with the same nickname) when you're ready.

Just email and one of us will sort you out.

LadyintheRadiator Sat 16-Jan-10 12:43:59

I should go too. I lurk far too much. FAR too much.

EccentricaGallumbits Sat 16-Jan-10 16:13:22

Look. I'm still here!
Have been very strong though and only popped in for a bit in between writing.
Have done a huge amount of wotk so i'm allowed.

I don't think i could bear to be really banned. would be like being divorced.

Diff. yes. cardi and black t-shirst reinstated.

bluejeans Sat 16-Jan-10 20:55:59

Interesting thread!

Blackduck - I've just set up Leechblock to block mumsnet from 9-12 each evening! It's an experiment - I love MN but spend waaaaay too long on it blush- whole evenings go by where I get nothing done/miss programmes I want to watch etc...and stay up too late!

Had never heard of LB before

Oops better post this quickly - then I'm off to watch Bridget Jones do something useful

Thanks for the tip...

Starbear Sat 16-Jan-10 21:13:34

That would be good, just block Mumsnet at certain times of the day. I need my fix from 8am-9.30am then a lunch time pop in at say 1pm - 1.30 then a goodnight slot between say 10- 11pm. I couldn't get divorce, just need restriced access. I'm now off to cuddle DH. He does restrict me as he thinks its really nerdy smile

bluejeans Fri 29-Jan-10 18:29:04

Leechblock works well - I've just unlocked Mumsnet after 2 weeks - God I've missed it!grin

Did get lots done - even sewed on some of DDs Brownies badges which have been waiting for a few years months blush

walkbesideme Mon 04-Jul-11 09:58:52

I've just downloaded Leechblock and it seems fab. you can tell it how long you want to block the sites and once you've blocked them, it won't let you unblock until the time is up! So now facebook is only for weekends - I'm so sad, but when you're at home all day I find myself drifting towards FB without even realising.

PinotsKittens Mon 04-Jul-11 19:08:56

I like the ideas on here!

Is there a version for IE?

NetworkGuy Wed 06-Jul-11 17:57:41

What's IE ?


Just switch browser to Opera, Firefox, or even [Google] Chrome

Have only seen the leechblock for Firefox, but not sure if it works with the latest version (v5) of Firefox, sorry. Perhaps I'll install it and restrict MN on this laptop for next fortnight...

TinyPawz Sat 09-Jul-11 12:47:31

Found this one for Chrome users.


NetworkGuy Sun 10-Jul-11 12:27:59

Any simple link (to not just download it) so people can read the description for it, please ?

Or the name of it so anyone can search for it in the Google Chrome extensions ?

Perhaps it is StayFocusd - Version: but think it best to be clear...

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