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can we have the link info on each page?

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Katherine Tue 10-Jun-03 17:18:12

Am I the only one who simply cannot remember how to do links. Everytime I want to include one I end up opening another window just so I can open the getting started page to copy the info. I know LOADS of people include links (or just type the text cos they can't remember how) and I wondered if the info could be included at the top or bottom of each page ( preferably near the add a message box) for easier reference. It would only take one line and save loads of time.......

jasper Tue 10-Jun-03 21:04:58

what a good idea.I just can't find space in my old brain to remember how to do them either and always have to refer back .

SueW Tue 10-Jun-03 21:28:53

I've cracked doing links but I do wish someone would give up the secrets of:

posting links to Guardian etc pages (with commas in the URL)


putting more than one link in a post

prufrock Tue 10-Jun-03 21:50:26

I know someody cracked the multple links thing a while ago - I tried to serch but couldn't find an answer - However I did find 7 yes 7 entries by Soupdragon bemoaning the fact.

Now who's saddest, me for finding them or her for posting them?

lou33 Tue 10-Jun-03 21:53:44

Oooh I asked that yesterday and was told multiple links in a post have to be separated somewhere by a comma.

WideWebWitch Tue 10-Jun-03 22:32:07

SueW, it doesn't do Guardian links because there are usually commas in the address (dunno why, it just doesn't work with commas) BUT if you want to do several links in one post you need commas after each link or it won't work.

WideWebWitch Tue 10-Jun-03 22:32:54

Just realised Lou had already answered. Teach me not to read other posts hmmm. Prufrock, you both are

SueW Wed 11-Jun-03 00:07:07

It's annoying that it doesn't do Guardian links though in Talk. Or that we can't figure it out.

In theory they should be possible as there is a link to the Guaridan including commas on the Home page - if you put your mouse over the link on the home page you can see the URL appear in the status bar at the bottom of your screen and that has commas in.

tech (MNHQ) Wed 11-Jun-03 07:57:38

That's a fault I think. I thought we'd fixed it but we must not have. I'll have a look at it at the weekend.


SoupDragon Wed 11-Jun-03 08:03:18

Definitey you, Prufrock I eventually asked the Great Tech himself who told me the answer. I'm not sure why it's not included in the instructions though.

WideWebWitch Wed 11-Jun-03 08:57:16

Oh that's good that it's a fixable fault, it would be great to be able to put Guardian links into posts. Well spotted Suew!

tech (MNHQ) Sun 22-Jun-03 12:51:39

Links to Guardian stories (or any other URL with a comma in it, should work now.

Here's one

Harry Potter story

tech (MNHQ) Sun 22-Jun-03 13:11:13

Hi Katherine,

We've put the link info next to the add a message box now.

Best wishes,

janh Sun 22-Jun-03 13:18:26

Tech, that is perfect, you are a genius.

bayleaf Sun 22-Jun-03 14:42:15

That is just the BEST idea tech - we love you!

kmg1 Sun 22-Jun-03 18:51:00

Excellent, helpful link info. Thanks Tech.

jodee Sun 11-Jan-04 21:48:35

Tech, hello - would it be possible to have the Link and Emoticons box when we Create a New Conversation in a topic? That would be great!

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