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TECH - Can we get rid of the Mums and Dads threads ?

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wickedstepmother Sun 08-Jun-03 21:36:11

They're just taking up space plugging a rival site....


meanmum Sun 08-Jun-03 21:37:11

I hope they've paid you as I feel like it is advertising.

wickedstepmother Sun 08-Jun-03 21:39:18

Quite blatant advertising at that.

MABS Sun 08-Jun-03 21:49:39

I do hope they've paid you £30 for each thread they're on .....but I think not.

sobernow Sun 08-Jun-03 22:15:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Sun 08-Jun-03 22:16:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bobbins Sun 08-Jun-03 22:17:55

Mumsnetter's, good pedantic

tigermoth Sun 08-Jun-03 23:11:16

yes please, delete asap

Batters Mon 09-Jun-03 11:25:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carriel Mon 09-Jun-03 22:03:03

I've written to Tillysmum and sent her our advertising rates. I could delete it all, but to be honest, if you don't mind, it would just take up time I could better spend doing something useful for mumsnet. I don't think she'll be back in a hurry. Thanks all for doing our job for us so well!

jasper Mon 09-Jun-03 22:29:54

The mum's and dad's threads have given me the best laugh I've had in ages.
We are so proud of the high quality of our own site, and so we should be when you take a look at the competition.

Tinker Mon 09-Jun-03 23:31:39

Think this site should be called mum'snet from now on, in honour. Loved the 'debate' on Christianity - 'I'm a Christian', 'So am I'.

aloha Tue 10-Jun-03 00:03:19

Everything on it sounds as if it is badly translated from Lebanese or something. Definitely English as a second or third language. Odd.

Bossanova Wed 11-Jun-03 00:36:15

Sorry for bringing this thread back, it's just that curiosity finally got the better of me and I just had a look at this site. It really is as bad as every one said - pass the sick bag! Looking at their 'debates' it came as no surprise to find that the very same people who were passionately against abortion thought the death penalty was ok as was keeping guns in the house. It was nice to come home to Mumsnet where we're all 'normal'

abbysmum Wed 11-Jun-03 07:42:59

They've deleted

I bought up the disgraceful misuse of the apostrophe and the reply was "Yeah but I have had the Mum's & Dad's as a logo as well, so I just like it like that". Never mind that it's wrong

They've deleted all my mumsnet adverts too.

suedonim Wed 11-Jun-03 09:00:19

I couldn't resist a look, either, and it is pretty cringeworthy. I lol-ed at your posts, Abbysmum - maybe one of us should go and post something similar again.

smartie Wed 11-Jun-03 10:08:59

Dying to know what these mums and dads threads are, desperate for a larf on those os so gloomy morn... please, someone, point me in the right direction...

abbysmum Wed 11-Jun-03 10:12:12

It's really, really not worth it.

smartie Wed 11-Jun-03 10:21:46

It's not is it, what an embarrassment to somebody.
I hadn't quite woken up, you can't miss the adverts can you!

Ghosty Wed 11-Jun-03 10:27:01

OK ... I'll confess that I had a little sneaky one at them today while you lot were all asleep and couldn't notice ...
I nearly fell asleep while I was reading ... talk about boring ...

Bossanova Wed 11-Jun-03 10:59:38

Half of them don't seem to get the idea of a thread. Every time they answer they start a new one. Those signature picures and words are just so hilariously naff!
God gave me Mumsnet and gave Mumsnet me, blah blah

I'm going to shut up about them now, they're not worth it.

Claireandrich Wed 11-Jun-03 13:37:56

Had a look too but don't thing I'll bother again. I couldn't figure out the threads as (I think someone mentioned this) people seem to just start new topics each time - makes it difficult to use.

masterchef1 Thu 02-May-13 03:19:33

message withdrawn

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