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For a I have nothing to say on this matter face, , type [biscuit]

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RealityBites Wed 04-Nov-09 19:19:59

Message withdrawn

whomovedmychocolatecookie Wed 04-Nov-09 21:58:01



PortoTreasonandPlot Wed 04-Nov-09 22:03:23

not red nose day surely?

NormaStanleyFletcher Wed 04-Nov-09 22:06:14

Porto - it is a new one

Not a seasonal variation shock

MrsWeasley Wed 04-Nov-09 22:07:07

biscuit LOL

gigglewitch Wed 04-Nov-09 22:07:11

that is fab, MNHQ

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Nov-09 22:07:29

Yes, we know blush

We've already been moaned at told about it here

And we'll give ourselves a biscuity grammar makeover ASAP

SuperBunny Wed 04-Nov-09 22:08:03


NormaStanleyFletcher Wed 04-Nov-09 22:08:21

Much respet to whoever suggested it <<glances warily at WMMC and wonders what she has on Justine>>

gigglewitch Wed 04-Nov-09 22:08:46

ah, but grammatical ishoos aside, the idea is FAB!!

SolidGoldBangers Wed 04-Nov-09 22:10:07

Yeah yeah yeah, but can we not have an [arse] emoticon for 'You are so ludicrous I am mooning at you' moments?

whomovedmychocolatecookie Wed 04-Nov-09 22:12:26

<preens> I have something on most of you Fletch don't worry wink

gigglewitch Wed 04-Nov-09 22:14:11

on 'eck.
time to go look for biscuits, ladies wink

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 04-Nov-09 22:39:26

says it all! so biscuit

whomovedmychocolatecookie Wed 04-Nov-09 22:43:55

Actually, it's just occurred to me that I've encouraged MNHQ to create a polite version of the <PARP> we used to use so freely blush

EccentricaGallumBANG Thu 05-Nov-09 09:08:05


i like.

ZacharyQuack Thu 05-Nov-09 09:11:51


<goes to raid pantry>

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 09:14:48

The biscuit doesn't need EYES

the eyes make it look like some sort of gimp

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 09:17:54

gimp biscuit, not a good look

notwavingjustironing Thu 05-Nov-09 09:31:42

MP where do you find stuff like that?

TrillianAstra Thu 05-Nov-09 09:33:25


It looks like red nose day

But it is at least a recognisable biscuit, so there can be no 'what kind of bisuit...' controversy.

champagnesupernova Thu 05-Nov-09 09:47:00

v disturbed by the gimp biscuit
Yes, MP has an extraordinary talent for finding internet weirdness novelties but then, she's an internet weirdo phenomenon herself.
hmm grin

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 09:48:01

what do you mean, I just took that photo under my desk

Bramshott Thu 05-Nov-09 09:48:54

I love this!! grin biscuit!

deepdarkwood Thu 05-Nov-09 09:49:18

I'm distressed that the biscuit dominatrix hasn't been able to afford decent stockings - bad snags in those...

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