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Would an MN "Freecycle"; section be a good idea?

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MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:29:04

I'm just thinking that there are so many of us with kids stuff, and other stuff that we would love to give a good home to...and i for one never get around to going to the charity shop.

Maybe we could post all our stuff we don't need anymore with a "going to charity shop" deadline, and all the recipient needs to do is to pay for postage? (or collect if near enough.

Or would that be a bit tricky to administer and cause massive headaches/crossness/falling outs?

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:30:32

I'm bumping because I also never look in "unanswered messages'

Mamazonabroomstick Thu 29-Oct-09 18:30:49

My DD seems to grow out of clothes after one wear. but we don't know any little girls to pass them on to.
I would love the idea, but my fear would be that it would attract people who simply sit and lurk on that specific topic.

serenity Thu 29-Oct-09 18:32:59

There is a free for postage topic isn't there? I definitely posted on something similar a few weeks ago.

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 29-Oct-09 18:33:17

Just prepare for some people to take the stuff off your hands and instantly ebay it. Sorry to be so distrusting of fellow Mners but this is what happened in the days when you didn't have to pay to use the for sale boards.

I was thinking a sort of swap shop would be better.

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:33:51

oh, sort of abuse it for commercial purposes you mean? Yes. could be a problem.

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:35:46

ah, never seen the free for postage bit...rather a well-kept MN secret! Where does it lurk?

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 29-Oct-09 18:36:40

I like the theory behind the idea though. The for sale boards are useless and might as well be abandoned. I could offer my house for sale for £20 on there and no-one would respond. (Currently trying to sell as good as new books sad)

southeastastra Thu 29-Oct-09 18:37:43

i was giving away my indoor rabbit hutch the other week, no-one wanted it. it's nice too.

i'll buy your house for £20 dg

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:39:02

Perhaps its a question of repositioning the topic? have it visible rather than having to burrow?

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 29-Oct-09 18:42:12

I don't know how long you have been on MN MadameDefarge but I presume you were not around when the sale boards fiasco happened.

It's hidden position now reflects how people ended up feeling about it.

SEA, how about swapping your rabbit hutch for my house? grin Oh you mean a real rabbit hutch?!

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:44:37

AH DG, only about 6 months...should have known there would be an MN back seems that such an obvious idea of course its been thought of before!

<<mooches off to try and think of something original to contribute to the loveliness of MN>>

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 29-Oct-09 18:46:09

You contribute yourself MadameDefarge, I am sure that is loveliness itself. smile

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 18:53:42

oooh! blush you smooth talker, you!

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 29-Oct-09 18:56:17


serenity Thu 29-Oct-09 18:58:27

MadameDefarge - Click on topics, then classified, then see more and there's a 'for free' topic here

It didn't really work for me either. By the time I got someone who was possibly interested, I'd got rid of my items via something else!

serenity Thu 29-Oct-09 19:01:31

Just had a look at it and there's an awful lot of stuff on there with rather large 'postage' costs, which seems a bit cheeky.

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 19:11:59

teeny idea... how about it being a "desperately seeking" only topic? that way Mnetters who needed stuff can ask, and those who have can offer if they feel comfortable...

but doesn't get rid of suspiciously high postage costs...or solve the problem of disposing of gear you don't need anymore...


MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 19:13:38

aha! finally seen it!

bran Thu 29-Oct-09 19:30:45

I've given a fair amount of stuff away on the "for free" topic. I sometimes say preference will be given to regular posters to try and avoid the selling on problem. I usually wait until someone's interested and then weigh it and give the first/second class postage cost.

MadameDefarge Thu 29-Oct-09 19:43:53

I suppose its just one of those "less than perfect but better than before solutions" because of course newish folk here have no idea it exists...

I have offered on the For Free section but not had much interest for anything. Easier to charity shop really. Saves on packaging up and posting.

I do think it is a good idea though.

cat64 Thu 29-Oct-09 20:08:33

Message withdrawn

bran Thu 29-Oct-09 20:22:43

Actually, I find it less hassle to post stuff than to wait around for Freegle people. That's probably because it's hard to find the front door to my building so I end up talking them in on the phone for the last hundred metres.

One (especially dim guy) was over an hour late because he got lost, and then I spent 10 mins trying to tell him where the front door was while also cooking dinner. I sent my friend out with him, partly to help carry the desk but really because I wasn't confident that he would find his way back to the car. grin

Of course I couldn't have posted the desk, but I have given away stuff on MN that was pick-up only. I think it's made easier for me because I live near where lots of people work, I probably wouldn't be able to do it if I lived somewhere more remote. I don't know why I didn't think to offer the desk on here first, for some reason I only think about offering child-related things on MN.

nannynick Thu 29-Oct-09 20:27:43

Maybe it could be something that could go on Mumsnet Local. I know local isn't use that much in some areas, but if it had listings of that type, then maybe local would be used more.

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