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May I request a BISCUIT emoticon please - for when I have no idea how to answer a post?

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whomovedmychocolate Sun 25-Oct-09 21:52:56


No seriously!

BertieBotts Wed 04-Nov-09 18:21:57

I don't like the eyes either. It seems mumsnet is divided on this issue.

(Also surely it should be an I have nothing... not a I have nothing...)

MmeGuisingt Wed 04-Nov-09 18:23:41


I love it

Can we have a [Swiss Chocolate] one next so I can throw some at BigTech?

Bleatblurt Wed 04-Nov-09 18:39:00

It definitely looks like a chick. Perfect for Easter but not very biscuit-y.

mollyroger Wed 04-Nov-09 18:44:12

god i love jammy rings.
And no, I ain't talking about MN's other great obsession.

QueenOfFlamingEverything Wed 04-Nov-09 18:48:39

Oh I thought it was an early Christmas smiley - you know, red nose and all that blush

ellipsis Wed 04-Nov-09 19:19:48

biscuit grin

whomovedmychocolatecookie Wed 04-Nov-09 19:27:47

biscuit Thank you! Can now change my name back! grin

GrimmaTheNome Wed 04-Nov-09 19:33:22

very good - eyes, nose but no mouth cos its got nothing to say.

Hunting Wed 04-Nov-09 22:29:12

yep i'm seeing a kissing ducky.

snigger Thu 05-Nov-09 20:05:38

biscuit I adore that we have an official smiley to denote lack of an opinion. As if that was ever a problem here grin

I'm going to use this all the time, just to be inflammatory. Especially on Style & Beauty. In fact, I'm going to go right now and hunt down someone looking for an opinion on some heels and biscuit them.

TheMaskedPoster Fri 06-Nov-09 16:26:43



that is great - I love it!


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