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Is there anyway I can contact a MNer that I missed on a thread?

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bunnybunyip Thu 15-Oct-09 20:35:56

I know it is a long shot.
A few months ago I started a thread trying to find other MNers who might have DC who have the same rare syndrome as my DS. I was watching the thread but unfortunately missed it when 3 weeks ago someone replied. I immediately replied back but have had no joy yet. I can't click on the posters name (not sure why you can click on some peoples names and not others).
I feel really bad about it. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.

TheBlairSnitchProject Thu 15-Oct-09 21:03:13

You can click on another MNers name if they have a public profile to see. You can't click if they don't. I can't click on your name for example so I guess you haven't been to "My Mumsnet" and created one.

You could try clicking on "Contact Poster" at the far right of the blue bar with thier name in but you'll have to pay £5 for an annual CAT subscription to send a message.

You could also do an advanced search for the username (purple button, top right of screen) and see of she's posted recently on another thread then post a message on that thread asking her to contact you or post again on the original thread. It's a bit of a hijack but people don't mind so long as you don't do it all the time...

Hope that helps

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