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What happened to the Phillips questionaire thread?

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Katz Tue 06-Oct-09 22:33:41

just wondering, or did i imagine it?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Oct-09 23:02:08

Did you mean this one katz?

Katz Tue 06-Oct-09 23:06:54

thanks. That's the one couldn't find the product test threads anywhere. Which main heading are they under?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Oct-09 23:07:45

Other Stuff smile

Katz Wed 07-Oct-09 16:49:50

still can't find product test as a subheading though! sure it's not in other stuff all i can see is:
Carers (117) Family history (114)
MumsNOT (5) Politics (32)
What would you do? (314) Am I being unreasonable? (24479)
Products (30895) In the news (8736)
Other subjects (38863) Geeky stuff (4375)
Pedants' corner (1448)

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Oct-09 17:02:53

Oh dear, you should be seeing...

Carers (117) Family history (114)
Freeview online focus group (10) FSA - Parent's Guide to Money Discussion (2)
MumsNOT (5) Persil (8)
Politics (32) PRODUCT TESTS (139)
Vodafone (5) What would you do? (314)
Am I being unreasonable? (24479) Products (30895)
In the news (8737) Other subjects (38863)
Geeky stuff (4375) Pedants' corner (1448)

Have you clicked on Show all?

Hulababy Wed 07-Oct-09 17:03:43

You entering this one Katz? wink

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 07-Oct-09 17:38:19

I've never been able to see it either.

That's why I missed the Dyson test. I'd be happy to have one as compensation though? wink.

I can only get to the Philips thread through Threads I'm on and I only got to the thread to begin with by using the Mumsnet latest link.

FlameWithTooManyHormones Wed 07-Oct-09 18:13:34

I am the same. I only found the phillips one (too late) through Serenity's most recent posts.

FlameWithTooManyHormones Wed 07-Oct-09 18:15:37

Ok, so it turns out I may have hidden product tests, but I have no idea why I would have done that hmm

EccentricaGallumbats Wed 07-Oct-09 18:17:00

I can't see it either. only see them if they pop up at the top of most active.

EccentricaGallumbats Wed 07-Oct-09 18:17:43

have i hiden it? don't recall doing that. although i may have been pissed tidying up.

EccentricaGallumbats Wed 07-Oct-09 18:20:08

and if i had hidden it how do i unhide it?

Hulababy Wed 07-Oct-09 18:22:59

It has gone from my Active screen too; was there yesterday.

FlameWithTooManyHormones Wed 07-Oct-09 18:33:32

go in customise, and there is a bit to see hidden things in there.

I don't recall hiding it and have no idea why I would hide it... I love testing crap.

EccentricaGallumbats Wed 07-Oct-09 18:37:39

product tests isn't in either of my included or excluded lists.

Hulababy Wed 07-Oct-09 18:38:06

It isn't a hidden thread on my lists either. And was def there yesterday.

Knickers0nmaChoppedOffhead Wed 07-Oct-09 18:41:27

Helen, I cant see half of those you have listed hmm and ave checked hidden and they aren't on there either.

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 07-Oct-09 18:49:15

I've checked and mine isn't hidden either.

I've never seen the Product Test topic though.

EccentricaGallumbats Wed 07-Oct-09 18:51:00

i think the weevils have got into the wiring again.

Knickers0nmaChoppedOffhead Wed 07-Oct-09 19:05:04

Nor have I plops <snigger>

Out of the list Helen gave, I can see

Carers (117) Family history (114)
MumsNOT (5) Politics (32)
What would you do? (314) Am I being unreasonable? (24479)
Products (30895) In the news (8736)
Other subjects (38863) Geeky stuff (4375)
Pedants' corner (1448)

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Wed 07-Oct-09 20:09:27

Yes that's all I have.

No Vodafone or Persil gubbins.

Katz Wed 07-Oct-09 20:11:16

Helen - nope that's not what i can see, and have checked hidden threads and i only have buying and selling hidden, so no idea why i can't product tests in the thread lists and only when they're in active combo's. Although from the above it seems i'm not the only one with this problem.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Oct-09 20:11:35

OK, people.

You need to go into Customise and scroll down to Other Options.

At the bottom of that section, there's a tickbox to Display All Topics. You need to have a Yes there (unless, of course, you don't want to see them all).

Then look up two lines. Have you selected Yes to Put "hide" link on Active Conversations?

If you have, that's fine (and it's darn handy!) but it is really easy to click accidentally on the 'hide' link in Active Convos. So, if you ever can't find a thread, it's worth checking you haven't hidden it by mistake.

To check for hidden threads, you need to go to Customise and scroll down to Ignore Topics In Active Conversations.

Hit the 'here' link and then when you get through to the next page, scroll right down to Thread Exclusions. If you'd hidden anything, you'll see it there.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Oct-09 20:13:49

oh dear x-posts, katz!

And you've definitely clicked Show All at the top of the Topics list?

Actually, Product Tests should really be in Site Stuff, shouldn't it? We see if BigTech can move it there soon.

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