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name change

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edgarcat Fri 23-May-03 09:43:21

Message withdrawn

bubbly Fri 23-May-03 09:49:58

Wow I like that - endless anonymity.

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 09:50:55


Philippat Fri 23-May-03 09:53:37

I don't think the trail is going to be hard to spot, codswallop, but welcome to your new persona.

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 09:56:14

ta..i just have a dreas of my familyt spotting me!

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 09:56:21

dread even

Finbar Fri 23-May-03 12:26:28

methinks you'll have to change again? !!!!!!!!!

Mum2Toby Fri 23-May-03 12:27:36

I feel a change comin on too....

2MumToby Fri 23-May-03 12:29:37

Nobody will know HA HA HA HA HA!

Finbar Fri 23-May-03 13:37:50

Yep and I think I need a more feminine name ....see previous postings at time of Edgarcat's party!!!

Also have just recommended mumsnet to my some serious name thinking is called for!

meanmum Fri 23-May-03 13:45:48

I might join the revolution. I'm about to recommend mumsnet to some friends and colleagues at work and don't want them to know who I am.

M2T hope you keep Toblerone as I liked that.

Hughsie Fri 23-May-03 13:52:31

I think about changing mine for reasons mentioned but I find it hard enough remembering who everyone is and their histories(!) without everything changing and having to fill people in on who I am - having said that perhaps I could reinvent myslef as smart, confident super breastfeeding mum to ten who all sleep through the night and excel at everything they do!! Damn I've given it away now...

meanmum Fri 23-May-03 14:04:33

You mustn't forget the fact that you are also an extremely capable and qualified michelin starred chef just about to release a prize winning book on time management and feeding for parents with more than one child. And you thought I didn't know who you were.

Hughsie Fri 23-May-03 14:08:28

Cover's blown -.......I'm out of here

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 18:32:56

This is really interesting. I liked whymummys spanish names except Ghosty or Girly (cant remember) said Codswallop was better..

Says a lot!

XAusted Fri 23-May-03 19:57:40

Wonder what's Spanish for Codswallop??

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 20:31:30

where is she?

wiltshirelass Fri 23-May-03 20:38:22

codsw, emailed you this morning so sorry if you didn't get it - don't understand that at all! on holiday from tomorrow for a week so will send the tent on my return - suppose I had better go and pack some stuff now. having said that my maternity holiday wardrobe isn't very extensive, should take about a minute and a half!

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