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Can we instate some sort of thread nanny......

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oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:16:46

....for each topic so that if a poster only has a couple of responses or none then they could bump up the posts for them?

It may already exist so tell me to shut up if so.

I have no shame and will bump up my threads if no-one has seen them (or if they are not interested ) but if you are new you may not have as much front and could be a bit put out or hurt.

May put an end to the conspiracy of cliques or unfriendly accusations that are constantly milling as well.

<dons head girl badge>


Lizzylou Wed 08-Jun-05 13:18:38

OO, that is a great idea...

You'd make a fab Head Girl!

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:20:38

<<swishes gown>>

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:38:47


SaintGeorge Wed 08-Jun-05 13:41:35

Great idea.

So, are you volunteering then because I have 1 thread in Other Subjects and 1 in Book Club if you could kindly go do the honours

PrettyCandles Wed 08-Jun-05 13:42:43

How often bump? And what if the original poster is satisfied with the responses and doesn't need the bumping?

Not that I disagree, just being a devil's advocate.

zebraZ Wed 08-Jun-05 13:44:23

I do this sometimes already.

SaintGeorge Wed 08-Jun-05 13:45:26

Cheers oliveoil

dillydally Wed 08-Jun-05 13:45:51

Is there a stair monitor vacancy?

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:46:30

SG - done! <quick polish of the halo>

PC - bloody nitpicker . I would go on what I would be happy with in terms of responses, if they only had 2 or so then I would bump it. Someone put the other day that no-one had commented on the pic of her son and it really struck a cord, so when I am not busy at work (like never), I seek them out now.

SaintGeorge Wed 08-Jun-05 13:48:05

See - excellent scheme. Thread nanny bumps my thread and I got an immediate response. I like this idea

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:48:25

are you after my badge Zebra??????

Dilly - you are duly elected, just make them walk on the left.

SaintGeorge Wed 08-Jun-05 13:51:21

Happy to help out - so what do you reckon, any threads we see or choose certain Topics to each keep watch over?

oliveoil Wed 08-Jun-05 13:53:12

Mayby just keep an eye peeled. I go down to the bottom of Active first and then click on a couple of Topics willy nilly. A better system would be to have a topic each. But there is no way I am organising that .

That's me, throw in a suggestion and RUN AWAYYYYYYY.

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