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Aaaaaargh having to read this with a magnifying glass!

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weblette Wed 30-Sep-09 22:21:09

Ok someone surely can help me. I've a lovely new whizzy laptop which I'm finding my way round still.

I've somehow managed to reduce the size of the font on MN to about 4point and my eyes are starting to hurt.

It doesn't affect any other sites I use and altering the laptop's DPI hasn't changed it.

Help! Please!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 30-Sep-09 22:23:18

Mac or Windows? If Windows Internet Explorer - go to view and look for either customize or make text bigger.

weblette Wed 30-Sep-09 22:35:08

Thanks choc, checked the tool bar and I'd knocked the zoom button. Headache over!

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