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mammya Mon 19-May-03 15:06:45

I've submitted a parenting tip but it's not appearing on the site. Have submitted it twice so far... Have also tried emailing mumsnet about this but got no reply, so I'm trying through here. How long does it take before the tip that's been submitted appears on the site? Should it be instantaneous? If so, why is mine not appearing? Am I doing something wrong?

leese Mon 19-May-03 18:30:03

mammya - can't help I'm afraid. I too submitted a tip a few months ago, but nothing. I then read a tip recently, which was exactly the same as mine (tho' worded differently), but had obviously been submitted by someone else. So, don't ever expect to see mine now.
Strange, I thought they may be running short on tips as the latest shoe one has been there for days.........

edgarcat Mon 19-May-03 18:56:32

Message withdrawn

justiner Mon 19-May-03 19:03:46

Hi mammya,
We don't automatically use tips as they are submitted - they all go on file and we use them as and when we need to. Some have to be shortened and all have to be checked - occasionally someone sends a dodgy tip, or one that's more of an advert, so we couldn't have a system whereby they are automatically published. Rest assured though, chances are yours will appear soon enough - you'll have to check the home page every day to be sure though Oh and we haven't seen an email from you - maybe it's with Tech? He's a bit pushed at present. In general it's always best to address queries to because everyone at mumsnet gets a copy of those and you're more certain to get a speedy response. Sorry for any confusion.

justiner Mon 19-May-03 19:28:45

Look out for tomorrow's tip... (and thanks)

mammya Mon 19-May-03 23:26:49

Thanks Justiner, I'll be sure to have a look tomorrow.

debster Tue 20-May-03 10:53:26

I also submitted a tip yesterday and I can't see it on the list. I'll wait a few days and check again.

mammya Tue 20-May-03 21:20:54

Ahem... Justiner & co, don't want to seem pedantic and all that but... you've mispelt my nickname!
Oh well... never mind, eh? I'll survive

justiner Wed 21-May-03 10:04:48

Oh Blimey, did I? What a useless clutz I am, a thousand apologies mammya.

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