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How do I change my local mumsnet?

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onetiredmummy Tue 08-Sep-09 17:22:00

Am going through a divorce & moving to new county but cant seem to change my local mumsnet. Am I being really thick!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 08-Sep-09 17:41:30

No, you're not being thick - you just need the knack.

Go to Mumsnet Local, as usual.

Then click on the 'Other Sites' link (sixth link along at the top).

Scroll down to find a local site. And enter your new postcode in the box. (Or click on the 'View full list' link to see all the Local sites we have.)

Find the one closest to your new home and click on it.

It will add itself to your list under Your Local Sites (scroll up a bit to see it).

Then click on the 'Make xxxx home' link to make it the Local site you're automatically linked to.

Hope that makes sense!

onetiredmummy Tue 08-Sep-09 17:46:36

Ha youre very kind I'm clearly v deranged. Thanks loads xxx

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