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'Shouts and Mentions' - searching for your name made easy

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hub2dee Thu 02-Jun-05 12:15:29

Does anyone like this idea (or want to suggest something similar) ?

I don't often check Active Convos, instead tending to check Threads I'm On. Sometimes, however, I either notice, or people alert me to the fact that my name is in a thread, or someone has said 'ask hub2dee' etc.

I sometimes search for my name (or derivatives) in Text or in Subject, but wonder if two things might be good:

1) Third option on the drop Search Current Threads drop down menu: Text / Subject / Both (this saves lots of clicks and a bit or server processing time).

2) Embed this search in the 'Threads I'm on' / 'Threads I'm Watching' Page (I'd prefer the former).

Would be interested if any other MNers search for their name regularly or would be interested in a similar feature. I imagine it would be helpful for mods for example people saying 'where's Lou' ?

(This raises a nice techy challenge of how to find Lou as well as Lou33 or whatever anyone else calls her... I search h2d, hubtodee, hub2dee etc. etc.)

MarsLady Thu 02-Jun-05 12:18:24

Like that hub2dee. Good idea!

TrophyWife Thu 02-Jun-05 12:19:46

good idea..

Twiglett Thu 02-Jun-05 12:19:49

you should just search on hub though cos it would pick up most combinations

hello.o.o.o. hub <waves frantically>

tarantula Thu 02-Jun-05 12:22:48

Sounds like a good idea to me tho I am as yet awaiting questions from the font of knowledge I ahve on spiders and all things Viking. Not sure why but noone seems to want to know about these [puzzled emoticon]

hub2dee Thu 02-Jun-05 12:28:48


Stop flapping, woman.

The problem with searching for 'hub' is that people speak of their 'hub' all the time or 'hubby' etc. and the search feature finds those.

Oh, the anxst.

hub2dee Thu 02-Jun-05 12:29:27



Enid Thu 02-Jun-05 12:30:53


you attention seeker you

hub2dee Thu 02-Jun-05 12:33:24


tech (MNHQ) Fri 03-Jun-05 12:14:19

Hello all,
We are going to overhaul the whole search page in the not-too-distant, so we'll bear this in mind. It is a bit silly that you have to search subject and text separately. It's also silly that you have to know whether to search "current" or "archived". We'll get rid of both of those limitations. Call them historical accidents.

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 12:15:30

just it had never occurred to me to search for my name in posts

sorry, not attention seeker, wrong phrase

hub2dee Fri 03-Jun-05 19:37:59

Sounds like a satisfying 'little' project, Tech. The separate search areas was a bit odd.


Good luck with unification, Tech.

Enid: And all those conversations I started asking for advice from Enid, where's Enid, can I deposit money in Enid's account, does the world know Enid is Elvis' love child will remain unanswered then.

<big >

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 19:39:18

aha now I have searched and I feature heavily on chicken nuggets

how did you know about Papa Elvis

SoupDragon Sat 04-Jun-05 09:38:59

Whilst you're overhauling the search facility, please can we have the ability to search for exact phrase? So it works like Google etc where you put exact phrases in " " and then add extra words that can appear anywhere.

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