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Polls and Ignore user options?

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MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 10:34:30

What do people think of these options?
Or shall I get my coat?

Toothache Thu 02-Jun-05 10:36:03

Haven't we already discussed the "ignore user" option. Terrible idea IMHO!!!

Now polls would be a good section to have.... maybe just with voting buttons?

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 10:38:05

I think polls is good idea.
Sorry missed the other discussion theme.
Ok, it was just a thought.

Marina Thu 02-Jun-05 10:38:56

Wouldn't like "ignore user", it just smacks of online shunning.
Polls might be good fun

Toothache Thu 02-Jun-05 10:39:39

Can't remember the name of the thread now... I think its still on the go. The general consensus is that it would be a bad idea though.

Gwenick Thu 02-Jun-05 10:42:48

Ignore user - NO

Polls - with voting buttons - EXCELLENT idea, there's often threads on here asking for people's 'simple' opinions (ie Which of these optioins do you think is best) and a 'vote' would make it easier to see the 'general' consensus on something (would also mean you could do polls for 'site stuff' which people ask for........obviously if people wanted to add a comment as well as vote they could, but the 'results' would still be easy to see,

lemonice Thu 02-Jun-05 10:44:22

"Can Mumsnet give us an ignore poster facility?" is the thread, terrible idea I think as well

wheresmyfroggy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:44:58

link{ \here} is the thread

wheresmyfroggy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:45:38

oh dear what the &*$% happened there

wheresmyfroggy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:45:57

It works though

lemonice Thu 02-Jun-05 10:50:28

I thought you were making a subtle point there Froggy!!

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 10:50:36

Scrap the other idea then. not a good thought from me there.
The poll idea seems the better option should we hold a vote on it?

wheresmyfroggy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:51:40

I'm not sure what i was making to be honest

Toothache Thu 02-Jun-05 10:51:54

>click yes button<

Gwenick Thu 02-Jun-05 10:53:10

The poll idea seems the better option should we hold a vote on it?

yes to you question


YES to having a poll option

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 10:53:53

YES for a poll

wheresmyfroggy Thu 02-Jun-05 10:55:02

trying to sneak in two votes there Gwenick?

p.s YES to polls

MistressMary Thu 02-Jun-05 11:12:11

Any feedback from the Carrie, Justine etc.

Rachel (mumsnet) Thu 02-Jun-05 13:05:17

Thanks for the suggestion MM. We'll have a chat with tech to see about possible ways of doing this and come back to you.

Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 28-Jun-05 20:13:56

Apologies for the delayed response. We did discuss this at our last meeting and decided that starting from the autumn we'd aim for a weekly poll, which the mumsnet team would set based on ideas suggested on a special thread. The poll would pop up when clicked on from the homepage/talk thread with immediate results feedback and we'd probably limit response to one reply per member.

So hope you can wait till September time. In the meantime if you want to start a thread to suggest poll topics in advance - please feel free to do so.

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