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How does the system know my local area?

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StripeySuit Sun 06-Sep-09 11:01:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WebDude Sun 06-Sep-09 14:33:35

I thought that if you had none, it would offer you choices on county and lower basis so you probably did choose for yourself, first time.

WebDude Sun 06-Sep-09 14:39:52

Of course, I could be confusing MN method with Freecycle !

But odd that I 'might' have chosen "Flintshire" given I don't live there.

Still better than all those daft sites which mention "Clwyd" as that was broken up 5+ years ago, but still common on websites in any online form showing address - enter postcode and it fills in the county wrongly... That's probably because website has old Royal Mail data.

My postcode seems to show up on maps (on SatNav too) in another place about 2 miles away, but that's definitely a Royal Mail blunder.

nannynick Sun 06-Sep-09 22:21:41

Within your Mumsnet Private Profile there is a box for the first part of your postcode.

StripeySuit Mon 07-Sep-09 06:53:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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