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Can we extend the Threads I'm on time from 72 hours?

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oliveoil Thu 26-May-05 13:30:12

I only work Tue-Thurs and don't go on the computer at home so when I come back in the next week, I don't have any threads to look at and can't catch up.


SaintGeorge Thu 26-May-05 13:33:52

Try putting any threads you post on onto your watch list instead. They will stay there until you choose to delete them.

oliveoil Thu 26-May-05 13:35:06

Ooooooh, not heard of that one. Will investigate.

oliveoil Thu 26-May-05 13:35:41

How do I put them in? sOrry am bit thick.

SaintGeorge Thu 26-May-05 13:37:25

Amongst all the 'click here' bits at the top of the thread there is one that says 'click here to add to watch list'.

Just get into the habit of clicking it when you have posted.

To retrieve, use the 'threads I'm watching' link at the top of the page.

oliveoil Thu 26-May-05 13:39:33

Thank you saintly!


SaintGeorge Thu 26-May-05 13:49:24

Another tip.

When looking up stuff on 'threads I'm watching', after reading any new posts on a thread click 'refresh watch'.
It will then only show one post per thread until new posts are added again - stops that page from becoming jammed up with stuff you have already read.

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