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<Boring thread alert> when you post on New Style your own posts don't change colour on active convos

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whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 06:35:45

As if you haven't read them - how is that possible? If I started the thread of course I read it. hmm

Weird. hmm

<needs to get out more>

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Aug-09 10:31:40

Really, wmmc? They do from this end <unhelpful>

You should be seeing blue for threads you've not opened and pinky-purple for threads you've opened/posted on...

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 15:03:24

Yeah I know how your style sheet works wink but it's not working....hang on I'll do a test post and prove it.... will email you with it.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 15:08:30

Have emailed you - also alerted to the test post so it can be smushed with a big stick!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Aug-09 15:23:15

Well, you are just odd. Odd, I tell you.

Am totally foxed. As is BigTech. But we shall put our thinking caps on for you.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 17:29:59

Is it possible all other MNers have the same issue unless they are mods?

norktasticninja Tue 11-Aug-09 17:35:12

I've got the same issue as WWMC. 'tis most annoying, should I send a screen shot?

RustyBear Tue 11-Aug-09 17:44:36

You mean like this?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Aug-09 17:49:51

shock What is going on?

RustyBear, your problem looks different to wmmc's because she had no purple threads at all.

So are you just getting randomly blue and purple threads in Active Convos?

RustyBear Tue 11-Aug-09 17:59:03

Well, I wasn't quite sure what wmmc meant - she seemed to be saying that threads she'd posted on weren't changing colour, as opposed to threads she'd clicked on - or did she mean both?

My screen shot is of a thread I started (because that's the only way to get a thread that you've posted on, but haven't clicked on) which hasn't changed colour when I then look at it in Active convos - I have no idea whether it's meant to or not.

Please ignore it if it's not helpful - it's not actually a problem as such to me....

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 11-Aug-09 18:26:35

OK, think I've got my head round this now.

Threads only go purple if you CLICK on them (which you would do when you open them to read and post).

If you STARTED the thread, it'll stay blue until you click on it to post on it again.

"Because starting a thread isn't the same as opening a thread", says Tech

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 19:51:52

Now that makes no logical sense now does it? That's bloke logic for you - I have to have clicked on it (in that I pressed submit or post or whatever). hmm

Three styles of link - pah!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 11-Aug-09 19:52:34

Ah now in Tech's world, if I preview before posting does that result in a 'used' colour then? grin

RustyBear Tue 11-Aug-09 19:55:19

I don't think I previewed before posting - I don't usually unless I've put a link in the post.

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