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Please complete our pregnancy survey (and you could win a luxury break)

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Aug-09 12:13:44

Our next book, Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide, will be rolling off the presses and into bookshops in September.

So to tie in with this, we're doing a short survey about pregnancy.

More specifically, the stuff you are/aren't meant to do. Yep, we're talking drink, drugs and hard-core runny cheeses.

Complete the survey and your name will go into a draw for two lovely prizes, courtesy of Luxury Family Hotels and Child-Friendly Cottages.

TIA for taking part.

rubyslippers Mon 10-Aug-09 12:18:05

done ...

TigerFeet Mon 10-Aug-09 12:19:10

Oh bugger, you'll be publishing this just as I am due to give birth! I shall probably buy it --anyway,-- it will look nice on the bookshelf next to the Toddlers one--

Doing the survey now.

clayre Mon 10-Aug-09 12:20:24

done too

JodieO Mon 10-Aug-09 12:20:58


JodieO Mon 10-Aug-09 12:22:00

Actually, forgot to say, I didn't eat fish in pregnancy as I'm a vegetarian so maybe there should be an option for that as it could affect results.

Meglet Mon 10-Aug-09 12:23:14


LoveBeingAMummy Mon 10-Aug-09 12:24:55


popsocks Mon 10-Aug-09 12:29:28


AmazingBouncingFerret Mon 10-Aug-09 12:38:46

Yeah I too ticked lots of things saying I avoided them, but I avoided them when not pregnant aswell, especially liver!!

PortAndLemon Mon 10-Aug-09 12:40:37

Also, you are conflating cheese advice. Advice (and I'm going to oversimplify it too) is not to eat unpasteurised cheese, blue cheese or mould-ripened cheese. So Camembert and Brie are officially out no matter how pasteurised they are, and "Eat unpasteurised cheese (eg camembert, brie etc)" is misleading.

I ate blue cheese occasionally but not (I think) unpasteurised or mould-ripened cheese.

And what do you mean by "drink regularly"? A drink a week (which is roughly what I had in the second two trimesters last time I was pregnant) is "regularly". A drink (or several) a day is also "regularly". Am I an occasional or a regular drinker in your terms?

Fraochsmum Mon 10-Aug-09 12:44:37

Done too!

mrsdisorganised Mon 10-Aug-09 12:47:43


LaTrucha Mon 10-Aug-09 12:53:33


NotPlayingAnyMore Mon 10-Aug-09 12:56:53

I had to lump myself in with those who continued to smoke occasionally in question 1, because I didn't have the option to say that I only smoked before I knew I was pregnant until question 2.

I did drink both coffee and tea but it was all decaffeinated!

I also feel quite uncomfortable at having to answer that I drank 1-3 units per week, whereas I only actually had 1 small glass of white when we moved into our first flat.

Anyway - done

MinnieMummy Mon 10-Aug-09 13:09:32

I would suggest that the wording could be better, e.g.:

Did you 'not take illegal drugs at all' - yes, i.e. I didn't.
Quite a confusing way of saying that you didn't IMHO, but then I am a pedant...

JulesJules Mon 10-Aug-09 13:53:39

Agree with minnie - the wording was confusing, for a couple of the questions you could answer either Yes - I didn't or No - I didn't. So I left those.

Also, I did not eat any fish or liver, but because I am a vegetarian, not because I was following some over the top pregnancy food rules.

Agree with NotPlaying - I had an occasional glass of wine, not 1-3 units every week.

BumptiousandBustly Mon 10-Aug-09 13:55:18

Done, another one who just put in the things I avoided when pregnant, some of hte things I never did in the first place!

BexieID Mon 10-Aug-09 14:15:06


orangina Mon 10-Aug-09 14:19:40


Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Mon 10-Aug-09 14:20:30


ruddynorah Mon 10-Aug-09 14:23:18


agree about the veggie stuff btw. i avoid liver and pate all the time not cos i'm pregnant.

edam Mon 10-Aug-09 14:36:23

done! <fingers crossed>

StealthPolarBear Mon 10-Aug-09 14:41:32

again I'm a veggie who hates soft cheese anyway!
Plus I drink 'regularly' - once or twice a week, one, max 2 small glasses at a time

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 10-Aug-09 14:50:24

Done. I was pregnant in the past, not now though if this counts grin

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