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Can we change the thread flow?

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Cheeks4970 Wed 29-Jul-09 15:34:33

Hello, I am new here and find it drives me nuts having to scroll to the end of the threads to read the original one.

I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but why are they not listed with the original message first and responses following - seems much more natural to read to me!?


southeastastra Wed 29-Jul-09 15:35:20

flip it

PrincessToadstool Wed 29-Jul-09 15:35:46

Click on 'customise' and change the order there. Et voila.

Oh and welcome

Cheeks4970 Wed 29-Jul-09 15:37:15

Ahhhh thank you! I was going a bit crazy!

whomovedmychocolate Wed 29-Jul-09 15:37:26

You can't have read that many threads if that is all that's driving you nuts grin

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