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almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 06:57:37

please get rid of stich hes coming up every time i press on a link or send a message, or i will go and never come back ,,,,,flaps off!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 12:04:52

last chance!

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 12:31:25

don't leave triple a. You know you wanna stay! What about the gorgeous swaps? Come on honey, stay!

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 12:37:29

your it!! and you only want me cos i owe you money every time i press anything the bloo*y stich comes up argh!

JoolsToo Mon 23-May-05 12:48:02

I've not had it for aggggggggggggggggggggges!
why don't you email the team if it's that regular!

btw - I was wondering if your thread title had a typo and you were referring to STITCH the poster

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 12:50:46

i will send them an email ,,!! lol i meant the disney stich!

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 12:51:13

you're it!

And the money isn't why I would miss you. You make me laugh you daft mare. Fortunately I have seen S......... today, but I know he's there somewhere. Couldn't stand him in the cinema, can't believe I have to see him here! Ugh!

Louise1980 Mon 23-May-05 12:52:31

AAA he had me pretty pO'ed the other day and I told him in no uncertain terms where to go and he did!!!!!

anorak Mon 23-May-05 12:53:18

I get it every time I log on. Thought it was supposed to be once a week maximum???

Thomcat Mon 23-May-05 12:54:34

ohjhh how annoying is/was he. Very unmumsnet I thought.

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 12:55:25

lol @mars STICH!! mars wants you back lol it isnt just once a day even its every time i click on a thread [sobsob]

Xena Mon 23-May-05 13:05:34

I've only had stich once and my DC's would love him (I wouldn't mind either)

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 13:21:15

I meant that I hadn't seen him. You wicked thing triple a. May have to take a leaf out of emmatom's book and call you by your proper devilish name (haven't seen her about for a while!)

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 13:23:51

xena! you can have my stich. mars i reckon shes turned into STICH ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! your it

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 13:25:18

gotta go check on DD2's passport. She's off to Brittany on Friday and it hasn't arrived yet. Not panicking yet, but will do on Wednesday. BRB

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 13:27:44

Just seen her posting elsewhere, but need to do the passport. So if you talk to her say hi from Mars

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 13:28:15

lol@mars good luck do we need parsports for oz?

only joking you thought what!!!!!!!!!!! argh

almostanangel Mon 23-May-05 13:29:23

passports!!! my spelling is arghhh!

WigWamBam Mon 23-May-05 13:41:32

I thought you were trying to talk posh, aaa .... parrrrrrsports ...

milward Mon 23-May-05 13:44:15

Hate this ad - please get rid of it.

Enid Mon 23-May-05 13:45:11

he only appears once then I close him and he goes away.

He doesnt bother me tbh

milward Mon 23-May-05 13:47:04

I'm on a slow connection & the ad stops me from reading whatever and cuts into my time on the internet. Don't like to pay extra for rubbish ads.

ruthiemum Mon 23-May-05 14:40:32

Who is stich?

MarsLady Mon 23-May-05 15:05:42

you're rubbish you really are lol

Oooh I smell stinky bums. BRB or not as I have the school run to do

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