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Not a real fan of the Disney "pop up" ad

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MamanFlo Sun 22-May-05 21:35:20

Hi Mumsnet

just realized you had a Disney advert "poping up" on the screen...I hate this...this is annoying...please can you avoid it ?



JoolsToo Sun 22-May-05 21:36:06

whole thread about this - but at last I have it confirmed it IS the Disney pop up! thank you

Mosschops30 Sun 22-May-05 21:36:53

Message withdrawn

irritated Sun 22-May-05 21:44:46

I cant see it!

milward Sun 22-May-05 21:50:50

really dislike this advert ripping through the screen. Please don't have these ads on mumsnet.

foolysh Sun 22-May-05 21:55:24

If youi look at the other thread on this Justine said that you should only see the overlay-pop-up twice as long as you have cookies enabled... it pays for MN so please try to be tolerant, only 2 exposures to it is pretty small irritation.

I would like it to dance around & do silly things to entertain me a bit better, though.

MamanFlo Sun 22-May-05 22:06:30

Sorry...forgot to check if there was another thread on this one...will be better next time, promise !

If it's only twice it's OK...on they keep poping up all the time and they have noisy adverts as well...horrible !

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