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Can't find a talk user (CATing) - any ideas ?

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hub2dee Sat 21-May-05 16:20:30

Tech / LeTech / MN HQ / anyone who's had this prob:

I am trying to CAT user zebraX to ask something about living in San Diego.

I have searched current archives and can confirm this is the correct name / capitalisation etc - there have been posts a few days ago.

However, when I try and CAT I get error message "Sorry, we can't find a talk user called zebraX;. Click here to try again"

This is different from ther message about a user having CAT capability turned off IIRC.

Any ideas ?

SaintGeorge Sat 21-May-05 16:22:02

User must have changed name again H2D - even if only for a moment. Unless name is actively in use at the time you try to send CAT you will get that message.

hub2dee Sat 21-May-05 16:24:03

Hi StG, there was a post 3 days ago though... but I thought all name changes were treated as aliases and mapped to the 'registered name' ?

Actually... I think people do both...


JoolsToo Sat 21-May-05 16:25:25

I tried to CAT someone's alias and it wouldn't send the message

SaintGeorge Sat 21-May-05 16:27:17

I thought so too until I tried to sent a CAT to someone. The alias info seems to work for yourself (when looking at Threads I'm on for instance) and nicknames are reserved once used for that user only to go back to - but when it comes to CAT you need the current nickname.

SoupDragon Sat 21-May-05 16:29:27

If you have a technical question, it's better to email You'll catch someone's attention quicker that way.

SoupDragon Sat 21-May-05 16:30:06

Also, they may be able to send your CAT to whoever zebrax is now if that is the problem.

tamum Sat 21-May-05 16:30:15

I know it's not really the point, but if you want to CAT me I can forward it to her if that would help?

emmatmg Sat 21-May-05 16:43:02

she has defo changed her name......she was on a thread i started the other day........hold on i'll find it.

emmatmg Sat 21-May-05 16:45:34

Zebra is foolysh now, I assume this zebra is zebraX too.

SaintGeorge Sat 21-May-05 16:51:51

Yep, she just posted on the San Diego thread

hub2dee Sat 21-May-05 16:53:18

OK. All sorted, well, at least I've tracked the user down...

Hmmm... interesting though about the name changes / aliases / mapping etc. etc. etc.

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