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MN is buggering up my internet explorer

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littlelamb Sun 12-Jul-09 20:23:09

It's running fine in Firefox, but if I try and come on here in Internet Explorer it's fine for about 5 minutes until I try and click on a thread and it just freezes, and I have to shut my PC down. It's been happening for a few days. Is it just me?

nickytwotimes Sun 12-Jul-09 20:24:02

Mine does that too.
never use IE now. Firefox is so much better.

littlelamb Sun 12-Jul-09 20:26:17

It's only MN that does it though. No other website makes it happen hmm

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 12-Jul-09 21:03:27

Hi Littlelamb - we'll check with tech in the morning to see why this might be happening for you. Do you have any updates waiting to be installed?

littlelamb Sun 12-Jul-09 21:07:00

Not that I know of- I have had no little pop up windows. I may not have splashed out on a new Norton though....

littlelamb Sun 12-Jul-09 21:07:22

Though I should say that's been the case for about a year blush

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-Jul-09 10:29:24

Ok, well keep us posted - we've alerted tech.

KingCanuteIAm Mon 13-Jul-09 10:32:01

Interesting I thought this was just me! It has been doing it with me for months now. Only MN, it only freezes the window it is in though and I can use task manager to close it down eventually!

purpleflower Mon 13-Jul-09 10:41:11

I'm getting similar, when I open some threads the thread crashes and my internet is having to recover it. I thought it was because I'm running windows 7 which is a beta.

babyOcho Mon 13-Jul-09 10:42:58

Which version of IE are you running?

purpleflower Mon 13-Jul-09 10:47:38

I have not got a clue, Dp sorts all that out blush

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-Jul-09 14:54:52

We've put this on tech's list, but he may not get to it today, sorry

purpleflower Thu 16-Jul-09 08:00:23

Just to let you know, my laptop has started doing it on other websites now so it's not mumsnet causing a problem for me

Notalone Thu 16-Jul-09 08:02:59

God, mine too. DP is absolutely screwing about it as it is his pc. He actually ranted once about banning me from MN. For the love of god do something please before he bans me shock My life will then be over grin

whomovedmychocolate Thu 16-Jul-09 08:28:06

May I suggest you update your Java on IE. This is often the problem because of the banner ads - some smartarse advertisers put in movies etc which muck about with IE unless it's the very latest version.

purpleflower Thu 16-Jul-09 08:40:13

Thank you WMMC, I will try that. DP had the laptop not long ago installing the windows 7 so he should have done it but he probably forgot

whomovedmychocolate Thu 16-Jul-09 09:08:05

Open up Internet explorer and find the 'update' bit at the top and install all updates. Then reboot the browser afterwards. You may need to also log out and then into Mumsnet again to kill the cookie for it to work.

BTW Catherine from MN if you are still here - there's a weird thing going on with old threads you are watching that have been deleted. I'm finding them again. Very odd, stuff you've removed has been caching for some reason, but only periodically. So stuff that was really awful is still available to some people. Has tech considered automatically killing cookies after 14 days - this would solve this problem (I think). <says the person who can't even solve her own problem with JAR files today>

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