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does mumsnet keep timing out on you?

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brimfull Thu 02-Jul-09 18:13:39

keeps doing it for me

so annoying

HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 02-Jul-09 18:14:38

only if I've left it open for ages and gone off to do something. I come back to find I have to log on again. But not while I am browsing/posting.

VinegarTits Thu 02-Jul-09 18:14:59


snigger Thu 02-Jul-09 18:18:48

Does it for me if don't touch it for a while, which I found out purely by accident grin

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Jul-09 18:26:53

Hi, what browser are you all using? I'm on firefox and haven't had a problem.

snigger Thu 02-Jul-09 18:27:49

Firefox here too.

brimfull Thu 02-Jul-09 20:20:59


no probs with other sites

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-Jul-09 22:23:26

Hmm, I'll ask tech to shed some light on this one.

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