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Does my profile look big in this? Do I fit to MN?

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Maninadirndl Fri 26-Jun-09 22:35:39

Remember those boring maths classes in school? Venn diagrams?

When you had to pick out sets and what belonged to what set. You then pout it on a diagram and the narrow set of objects fitted into the middle of the diagram. I just Googogled one [[]here]. Well I fit into the tiniest bit of the middle as I am:

a) A man the last time I noticed and
b) Living far away from Britain where most of our action takes place here, in sunny Bavaria (nope I just lied. We've had a week of rain called "dauerregen".

But what I do which is relevant to ladies lives is bring up kids! At home. My wife works. She isn't one of those career driven types out for whatever - she'd rather stay at home. So she envies me and would rather swap places. As you babes here know stuck home is no picnic... Dreams of sitting with pine cones and tape evaporate into boredom, tantrums and Cbeebies.

My point is I hope that I can be accepted here as a bloke doing a woman's job in a region of Germany where chauvinism reigns supreme. The fact that Britain is so open minded nowadays makes me even more homesick!

A week ago I was navigating my way round Munich airport pushing my Dad ina wheelchair for his flight to UK. I asked for directions from these cool looking women in uniform. "Seid Ihr Piloten?" I asked. "Ja" they replied. And I thought that was cool. (the rude thoughts I had I won't mention here) So if women can now do everything men can do then surely we blokes should be able to do what the ladies do?

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