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Hijacked by pop up adds -driving me MAD!!!!

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JayTree Sun 04-May-03 07:23:07

Is anyone else finding pop up adds on this site driving them nuts?? I have just been trying to read the lengthy and interesting thread on education - private or state and keep getting a fullsize screen from "" flashing in front. Each time I close it it comes back, even reducing the size doen’t stop it as it still comes to the front making typing impossible AAAAAGH I hate pop up adds and this one is a real pain as it wont go away - even now AAAAAGH - I am going to have to log out as I am starting to pull my hair out. Mumsnet - please help stop this adding rubbish... Logging out now!

SueW Sun 04-May-03 07:44:23

I'm not getting any.

breeze Sun 04-May-03 08:49:56

I find that if I go to thread about weight loss, I get diet pop-ups and sometimes when I close then I get thrown out of mumsnet as well.

SoupDragon Sun 04-May-03 09:41:53

I don't get any either - not from Mumsnet anyway. I get them elsewhere.

lucy123 Sun 04-May-03 10:28:02

Jaytree - I don't get any pop-ups. Is it possible you have some sort of ad-ware / spy-ware programme on your computer? These programmes come bundled in with some free software and give you lots of ads at sites that don't normally have them.

Try getting ad-aware - it's a free programme that will search for these types of things.

badjelly Tue 06-May-03 09:48:26

Jaytree, glad it's not just me - they're EVERYWHERE these days and it's DOING MY NUT!!!!!

GillW Tue 06-May-03 10:24:42

You can download a free pop-up stopper program from here

Jaytree - if it's just the one site causing you problems you could also try this, which is a slightly more technical solution.

Depending upon which operating system you have on your PC try to locate the "hosts" file. This should be at:

Windows 95/98/Me c:\windows\hosts
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP Home c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

It is possible that this file will not exist - it doesn't matter, you can create one using notepad.

Either creating a new file, or editing the existing one, make sure you have a line which reads (without the quotes)
" localhost"

below that add a line which reads

Save the file, and it should get rid of the popups (you may see a file not found message instead in some circumstances). There's more information about how this works here , and a much longer list of advert sites you might also want to block here .

crystaltips Tue 06-May-03 10:54:52

I had the same complaint !
See "Annoying Pop-ups" thread. I followed GillW's fix and have not suffered since. She gives you full instructions of what to do.
Thanks gain GillW !

masterchef1 Thu 02-May-13 03:17:19

damn those pop ups!

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