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I need help on how to get rid of Spyware .... for free!

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ghosty Thu 12-May-05 01:44:01

I have spyware on my 'puter, and just found a free downloadable thing called SpyWareVanisher ... does anyone know if this is the real McCoy or something dodgy? I don't want to click 'download' and then find that I have made things worse.
I really don't want to pay for anything ... but understand that I might have to.

Apart from the spyware problem (although it may be connected) I have this seriously annoying HomePage hijack thing going on ... so everytime I turn on the computer I have to reset the homepage to Mumsnet ... It is seriously cramping my style that I can't get MN AS SOON as I go onto the internet!

Cheers ...
G xxx

Chandra Thu 12-May-05 02:09:11

BE careful with freebies, I downloaded one into my computer and it ruined to a point that I cna't even turn it on now. There's a program called Spyboot, is free and is reliable however it eats alot of the virtual memory and makes the computer very slow, a good one is Spyware Doctor, you can download it fromthe web to check the computer but will need to pay a licence to remove the problems you have found. The Homepage highjack is a troy virus, it may be relatively harmlessbut worth checking (don't do internet banking until your PC is clear )

eldestgirl Thu 12-May-05 04:28:23

Spybot is really good.

LeTech Thu 12-May-05 09:15:33

It looks like it SpyWareVanisher may in fact be spyware. Don't install it!

Try Adaware ( it has a free version and I have used it for years.

Try backing up your docs and stuff if you can just in case!

tarantula Thu 12-May-05 09:52:15

Id advise using spybot and adaware in conjunction. We use both at home and I had a long chat with our Network administrator last week and he reckons that you need to use both esp if you have teenagers downloading junk (like I have ggrrrrr)

lemonice Thu 12-May-05 09:56:53

I agree with having both spybot and adaware as I also have annoying teen who is dodgy

ghosty Thu 12-May-05 10:36:34

Thanks everyone ...
Bit scared about what you said about internet banking Chandra ... I only ever do my banking via the internet ... and have had the spyware thing and homepage hijack going on for ages ...
[scared emoticon]

Chandra Thu 12-May-05 23:10:41

Don't worry too much ghosty, I got that advise when somebody saw that everytime I entered something in a box in internet the cursor started to blink like crazy, or when the pointer vibrated while moving it around the screen (I had about 70 spyware when I run the spyboot). I have being checking my bank reports ever since to se if I can find something suspicious and so far everything is fine. I just try to run spyboot before I go into internet banking. HTH

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